Minor Hotels takes control of global data with Tealium iQ

Minor Hotels takes control of global data with Tealium iQ

Minor Hotels, an international hotel group based in Bangkok, has saved time, money and reduced the risk of human error after deploying Tealium iQ Tag Management which has become a key part of the company’s core infrastructure. The group, which operates in 56 countries, has seen the benefits of rapid tag deployment across multiple hotel groups from a central location after previously suffering disruptions associated with increasingly siloed data within its ecosystem.

Minor Hotels needed to standardize its guest data across its newly acquired network of hotel groups, including in China. It needed a solution that would save time, money and reduce the risk of human error.

Using Tealium iQ Tag Management, Minor Hotels eliminated the complexity of manually implementing tags and increased its digital marketing agility.

Minor Hotels has significantly cut the time it takes to implement new tags by removing third parties, allowing business critical tasks to be carried out quickly and securely in-house. Using Tealium has saved IT staff 20% of their time, effectively handing them back one working day every week.

Managing data across multiple regions and suppliers causes strain to the business

Minor Hotels is an international hotel owner, operator and investor, currently with a portfolio of over 530 properties. With operations in 56 countries in nearly every time zone, Minor Hotels’ provides a diverse portfolio of properties to travelers; nevertheless, it wanted unified data across each brand.

While expanding its existing hotel and spa portfolio and exploring strategic acquisitions in new markets, Minor Hotels’ vision of a more interconnected world was derailed by increasingly siloed data.

The collection of guest data became disrupted by the diverse range of technology stacks being used by the numerous hotel groups within its ecosystem. As a result of its expanding portfolio, Minor Hotels’ Digital Applications and Platforms team was not only tasked with standardising guest data from multiple software providers but also achieving a centralized view of its data across multiple regions.

Even though individual hotel groups like Avani Hotels & Resorts functioned on their own, using differing technology platforms left Minor Hotels group with data sets that were difficult to manage across all of its brands. Further to this, across APAC, Minor Hotels receives around 30% of its business from China and therefore needed a system capable of working through the country’s firewalls.

Minor Hotels also sought to reduce the number of third parties with access to critical source codes in order to limit the risk of human error as much as possible. Using multiple third parties to manage its guest data, and the co-ordination associated with managing these relationships was proving costly to both business revenue and staff hours.

When Anthony Green, Group Director Digital Applications and Platforms at Minor Hotel Group, found Tealium, he knew it would be the solution to change the business for the better.

“As the business grew,” Green said, “internally managing 20 to 30 tags at a time became close to impossible. We knew we needed a tag management solution, but we were adamant it could not be just another third-party vendor.”

In a bid to reduce the number of external suppliers, Green opted to consolidate existing data solutions by partnering with Tealium.
Tealium worked closely with Green to deliver a bespoke product offering that would complement Minor Hotels’ business growth strategy. Soon after, Green implemented Tealium iQTag Management which would quickly prove its value by allowing his team to easily manage tagging requirements and increase tag efficiency.

The implementation was quick, the solution itself proved easy to use and the hotel group saw the benefits of rapid tag deployment across multiple hotel groups from a central location.

“Tealium’s support team went above and beyond to ensure we were fully optimizing the capabilities Tealium iQ offers,” Green said about the implementation process. “The fact that Tealium immediately eliminated the complexity of manually implementing tags and increased our digital marketing agility speaks volumes about their industry expertise and experience in providing personalized data transformation solutions.”

Less time on administration tasks means more time to push the business forward

Before Tealium iQ, the process of deploying tags could take several weeks. Now, Green’s team is able to implement new tags and isolate faulty ones in just a few hours. This new, consolidated approach to entry points means Minor Hotels no longer has to undertake the lengthy process of engaging with third-party developers to adjust source codes or fix technical issues.

This can now be done in-house using Tealium’s software which streamlines what was once a monumental task, into a quick ‘tick’ off the to-do list.

“Being able to manage our processes in-house has been critical to the business in terms of generating savings to both revenue and time,” said Green. “My team previously spent up to 20% of their working week managing third-party vendors, but their time has now been redirected more strategically towards business development and further streamlining internal processes.”

Critically, the elimination of multiple third parties greatly reduces the risk of human error. With fewer access points come fewer chances for mistakes to occur. However, in the case that a mistake is made, Minor Hotels’ IT team can quickly log in in-house and adjust the source code when required.

The comprehensive management of digital marketing campaigns across multiple regions has also become far easier for Minor Hotels. Having a centralized view of the company’s global data means the hotel group retains greater control and can run several projects in differing formats to generate the same result. Tealium provides an additional layer of consistency to existing data sets which standardizes the information and frees up administration time otherwise lost to cross-region analysis and data entry tasks.

Tealium’s solutions are one of the few that offer consistent functionality through China’s firewalls. With nearly a third of Minor Hotel’s APAC business sitting behind these barriers, Tealium became the ‘obvious choice’ to Green not only for its capabilities, but for its reliable functionality in the region.

Tealium iQ has become a key part of Minor Hotels’ core infrastructure, with Green sharing he has ‘full comfort and confidence in the software.’ Green is thrilled with the way it has simplified the way Minor Hotels does business and, as such, considers Tealium to be a ‘trusted member of the family.’

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