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Embrace the proliferation of data to enable smarter business outcomes

Derek Cowan, Director of System Engineering APAC at Cohesity, tells us that organizations need an action plan to maximize their use of data. He says: “Many organizations have been given the gift of data during the pandemic, now is the time to get to know this data.” Everyone likes to hype the sexy parts of data […]

Cisco commits to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

Cisco has announced that it is committing to reaching net zero for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all scopes by 2040, 10 years ahead of when climate scientists say the planet must reach net zero to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Cisco’s net zero goal will be supported by ambitious near-term targets, including […]

The CISO challenge of budgeting

As a result of the impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses, CISOs are under more pressure than ever to make informed decisions on where they invest their budget. Dietrich Benjes, VP and GM APAC, Qualys, explains why CISOs need to conduct a thorough assessment of their current security posture and evaluate how security can […]

How the tech sector in Australia can lead the nation towards net zero

Joshua Martin, Senior Director of ENGIE Impact, tells us how the Australian tech sector can achieve a net zero carbon footprint, offering advice for companies and arguing: “If it makes sense, do it!” As the world turns its attention to achieving its respective ambitious decarbonisation goals, Australia awaits clear guidance as to its plans to […]

Customers driving Australia’s retail banks to reshape digital offerings

John desJardins, Chief Technology Officer, Hazelcast, tells us the past year has exposed lingering structural pain points in Australia’s banking sector that need to be addressed. Australia’s retail banks have played a central role in enabling the economy to function and customers to continue transacting despite the challenges of the past year-and-a-half. The responsiveness and […]

Employee experience to take center stage for hybrid work

Mike Hicks, Principal Solutions Architect at Cisco ThousandEyes, suggests ways organizations adopting the hybrid work model can make their employee’s experience as good as possible. We know that hybrid work models come with challenges, especially in the way that different people experience them. Organizations not set up for them have already done some hard yards […]

The CIO’s evolving role in an altered world

With the role of the CIO seeing expanding responsibilities, Rana Gupta, Vice President of Asia Pacific Sales and Services, Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing, tells us: “Far from being a redundant and dated position, an organization would better serve itself by taking time to redefine it.”          Up until the dawn of 2020, the world was […]

The journey from tech side project to Return on Investment

With so many technology solutions on the market today, business leaders must decide where to invest their budgets to ensure they achieve Return on Investment. Dave Russell, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, talks us through some of the key aspects to consider when looking to establish more advanced business operations and ensure a […]

Unionbank of the Philippines selects Finacle digital banking solution suite on cloud

In this edition of Country Focus, we look at the Philippines and how Unionbank is implementing digital banking solutions and partnering with different companies, making it easier for Filipinos to navigate the financial sector.  Infosys Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys, and UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP) have announced that the […]

Let’s not overthink this: why it’s best to hand the reins to cloud providers

Ben Waterhouse, CIO at Coates, a leading Australian construction equipment and hire business, has recently led the company’s Digital Transformation. He tells Intelligent CIO businesses are underselling the benefits of cloud when considering TCO and details what he learned about cloud along the journey. The cloud hype cycle reached its zenith not long ago, but […]

Risky business: Protecting users that have left the office

With a survey finding 80% of respondents admitting to engaging in at least one risky activity which could risk their organization’s cybersecurity over the past year, Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO, ThycoticCentrify, tells us we must make security usable and help the employee be successful. The massive shift to remote or hybrid […]

Study finds Australian managers disconnected from employees’ realities

A new study from Achievers finds managers estimate employee engagement, recognition and job satisfaction levels are two to three times higher than they actually are and are unaware of the disconnect. Australia’s managers consistently overrate both their own – and their organization’s – efficacy at engaging and recognizing the value of employees, according to a […]

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