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WalkMe research discovers failure to use digital tools has been costly for enterprises

WalkMe, a leading provider of digital adoption solutions, has released The State of Digital Adoption 2022-2023 report, showing enterprises struggle to give employees the ability to use digital tools as they are intended and to their fullest extent. It found a lack of uptake of digital technology means enterprises over-spend by more than US$32 million to reach […]

The SEC’s amendments highlight the need for companies to focus on cybersecurity and the wider business

In March 2022, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed amendments to its rules regarding the disclosure of cybersecurity expertise within businesses. These amendments are meant for institutional investors, shareholders and investors to showcase the need for heightened focus towards cybersecurity at the core of business, surpassing conventional strategies that have allowed multiple headlining […]

The future of cloud computing

Julian Critchlow, ANZ General Manager, Extreme Networks, predicts the future of cloud computing in the decade ahead. Since first appearing on the radar screens of CIOs and IT managers in the early 2000s, cloud computing has undergone a rapid evolution. Initially sold as a convenient and scalable place to store data, cloud computing has evolved […]

The evolving cyberthreat landscape and the benefits of AI and Machine Learning

Derek Manky, Chief, Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances, FortiGuard Labs; and Jonas Walker, Security Strategist with Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, discuss the changing threat landscape and the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in fighting today’s cyberthreats. Nowadays, threat actors are leaning on new tools and techniques to improve the efficiency of their attacks. […]

Keeping compliant as Australia’s workforce defaults to digital

Jeremy Paton, Team Engagement Solutions Lead, APAC, Avaya, examines how evolving consumer habits and expectations can affect the cybersecurity of businesses while staying compliant. Australia’s appetite for digital services is rampant. While there’s still a time and place for doing things in person, the pandemic catapulted Aussies’ expectation for the convenience of accessing goods and […]

Australian security teams are being left under-resourced on the frontlines

With everything we know about the threat landscape, Rohan Langdon, Vice President Australia and New Zealand ExtraHop, asks how is it that over half of organizations have not had their cyber infrastructure updated in over a year-and-a-half. He tells us: “A more recent driver for executive and board-level buy-in in Australia is the move to […]

AEM expert on creating a data centre testing strategy to address increased infrastructure demands

With data centre infrastructure evolving to meet the changing needs of end users – including the incorporation of IoT devices – data centre managers can no longer rely on basic cabling testing. It’s critical that they have the tools available to be able to test and troubleshoot issues quickly, to ensure Business Continuity. Lisa Schwartz, […]

Empowering IT Leaders with fiscal insights to become better business leaders

Tarun Kumar Kalra, Regional Vice President, Asia, Apptio, takes a deep dive into the unique challenges in APAC’s Digital Transformation and how best to tackle them through Technology Business Management. Over the past two years, Asian companies across the board pushed through with Digital Transformation faster than the rest of the world. According to the […]

Create a data fortress for protection against ransomware attacks

Tuhina Goel, Director of Product Marketing at Nutanix, offers insight into the ever-growing threat ransomware attacks present. As the forms these attacks take diversify, businesses will have to take multi-faceted approaches to defend against them. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware will cost its victims around US$265 billion annually by 2031. Businesses will face a new […]

Measuring the impact of Digital Transformation

Clarence Dent, ANZ Regional Vice President, WalkMe, tells us how businesses can accurately assess the impact of technologies. Of all the changes that the global pandemic imposed on businesses, one of the most significant was the bringing forward of planned Digital Transformation projects. Across the business world, organizations expedited investments in new technologies and equipped […]

Australian enterprises are coalescing around service meshes to power their software engineering efforts

With the rise of distributed application architectures setting up key technical questions for developers and IT, Brad Drysdale, APAC Field Chief Technology Officer at Kong, examines how software is evolving. He tells us: “The future of software is distributed, microservices-driven and polycloud.” When you look at the technology operations of Australian enterprises, one does not […]

Addressing cybersecurity debt before it’s too late

Singapore-based Vincent Goh, Senior Vice President, APJ, CyberArk, highlights the importance of raising awareness of ‘cybersecurity debt’. He tells us about solutions to solve the digital identity debt dilemma and the ‘debt trap’.  How has the pandemic increased the number of opportunities for cybercriminals to attack? The pandemic has resulted in the acceleration of digitalization in many countries in the Asia […]

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