Korea Western Power deploys Nutanix Infrastructure in response to COVID-19

Korea Western Power deploys Nutanix Infrastructure in response to COVID-19

Korean power utility uses VDI to help ensure continuous power supply.

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, has announced that Korea Western Power  (KOWEPO), a leading power supplier in Korea, has deployed Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software.

By implementing Nutanix HCI, KOWEPO aims to support its VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) deployment to deliver remote work capabilities to its employees in response to the increased uncertainty and unpredictability following the COVID-19 outbreak. 

KOWEPO is a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the largest electric utility in South Korea. It was founded in 2001 and has over 2,300 employees. It operates four power plants in the country’s western region, mostly comprising thermal and combined cycle power stations and contributes approximately 10% of the nation’s total power generation capacity. 

As COVID-19 spread, KOWEPO was forced to adopt remote working to ensure staff safety and maintain core headquarters function with a minimum in-person workforce, as well as continue operations and provide uninterrupted power to the region.

In response, the IT team sought a fast, scalable, secure and easy to deploy solution to expand remote work capabilities to its entire workforce to enable remote work. In the past, other solutions took weeks to deploy. With Nutanix, the implementation took less than three days and the VDI system was up and running without incident. 

“Our priority was to immediately deliver a remote working environment to our employees. After deploying Nutanix, the majority of our employees have witnessed increased performance and mobility enabled by VDI,” said SeungKew Jang, Deputy General Manager of the Security Department ICT Team at Korea Western Power. “We look forward to bringing Nutanix along with us on our future cloud journey.”

Prior to implementing Nutanix, KOWEPO’s IT infrastructure could handle fewer than 50 employees and they often had issues with performance, failures and security risks. Now KOWEPO’s workforce benefits from secure and nearly instant access to their workstations and applications regardless of their operating system, device or location. In addition, login speeds have improved by nearly 80% compared with the previous infrastructure – going from 150 seconds to approximately 30 seconds.

“KOWEPO has shown that modern infrastructure and solutions can help established and stable companies respond and adapt at short notice,” said JD Kim, Managing Director of Nutanix in Korea. “We are thrilled to have enabled KOWEPO’s more mobile, flexible and digital workforce.” 

KOWEPO is the latest in a series of achievements for Nutanix in Korea and follows similar success in the retail and energy sectors. 

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