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VMware announces zero carbon initiative to drive global decarbonization efforts

VMware announces zero carbon initiative to drive global decarbonization efforts

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VMware has launched the VMware Zero Carbon Committed cloud partner initiative to help its customers reach their sustainability and decarbonization targets.

VMware has announced the launch of the VMware Zero Carbon Committed cloud partner initiative.

The goal is to catalyze the transition to zero-carbon clouds and help its customers reach their sustainability and decarbonization targets by connecting them with cloud providers that have aligned goals.

Participating VMware Cloud Verified providers must operate infrastructure, energy and carbon efficient data centers based on VMware software defined data center (SDDC) technologies and be committed to powering those data centers with renewable energy sources by 2030.

European-based partners Atea and OVHcloud as well as Equinix, IBM, Microsoft and OVHcloud US have joined the initiative. 

“Being part of the climate solution requires driving change throughout the entire ecosystem,” said Chiara Selvetti, Head of Sustainability, Atea Sweden. “Atea’s clear 100% renewables goal – part of our SBT target – makes it easier for customers to understand the sustainability impact of their IT investments and for Atea’s employees to advise customers in the sustainable choices they make.”

François Sterin, Chief Industry Officer for OVHcloud, said: “The world has become increasingly dependent on data and the wide-scale transition from on-site storage toward cloud-based solutions represents an incredible opportunity for our industry to lead the way in helping all companies make progress toward sustainability.

“We have seen significant interest from all customers in maximizing data center efficiency and are proud to serve as an inaugural member of VMware’s Zero Carbon Committed cloud partner initiative and share in the commitment to generating net carbon zero emissions by 2030.”

Joe Baguley, VP and CTO EMEA, VMware, said: “It’s crucial we make significant progress on climate action as soon as possible, so it’s encouraging to see more and more companies, including VMware customers and partners, as well as countries committing to reach net zero carbon.

“This initiative builds on VMware’s history of helping customers reduce their environmental impact through the more efficient use of IT infrastructure and will make it easier for our customers and partners to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon economy.”

VMware has a longstanding commitment to sustainability. The company achieved carbon neutrality and is committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions for its operations and supply chain by 2030. This target is part of VMware’s 2030 Agenda, which outlines its 10-year commitment to create a more equitable, sustainable and resilient world. 

A key component is ‘Intrinsic Sustainability’ innovation to help its customers, through VMware’s virtualization and cloud solutions and partnerships, meet their sustainability goals by reducing the carbon emissions associated with their data center operations.

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