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Alibaba unveils forecast for leading tech trends

Alibaba unveils forecast for leading tech trends

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Alibaba DAMO Academy (DAMO), a global research initiative from the Alibaba Group, has provided its forecast of the leading trends that will shape the tech industry in the year ahead.

By analyzing millions of public papers and patent filings over the past three years and conducting interviews with nearly 100 scientists, DAMO has provided the top 10 technology trends for the next two to five years that people are expected to witness making accelerated breakthroughs across sectors in the economy and society at large.

Jeff Zhang, Head of Alibaba DAMO Academy, said: “Over the past century, the evolution of digital technologies has accelerated technological progress and industrial development. The boundary of technologies is extended from the physical world to mixed reality, while more and more cutting-edge technologies find their way to industrial applications.

“Digital technology plays an important role in powering a green and sustainable future, whether it is applied in industries such as green data centers and energy-efficient manufacturing or day-to-day activities, like a paperless office. With technology, we will create a better future.”

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