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HCF drives cloud data modernization initiatives with Talend to increase quality of customer care

HCF drives cloud data modernization initiatives with Talend to increase quality of customer care

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Leading Australian health insurer improves overall agility, trust in data-driven decisions and operational efficiencies to accelerate growth.

Talend, a global leader in data integration and data management, has announced that HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, has been driving its cloud data modernization initiatives with Talend and has successfully improved its overall agility, trust in data-driven decision making and efficiency across the organization to better serve its customers.

The company is now on to the second phase of its Digital Transformation, where it is implementing AI, Machine Learning and advanced analytics into the BI generation and reporting process to mitigate risk and improve business strategies.

Four years ago, HCF began its data modernization push, which focused on using its data in innovative ways to improve the quality of care for its 1.8 million members, analyze the affordability and value of its services and drive the organization’s growth.

“When we initiated our transformation, we recognized that data was the key to HCF’s future and that our current systems were simply inadequate,” said Amiet Dhagat, Head of Data Services and Artificial Intelligence, HCF. “By implementing data modernization, we’re now able to provide services for use cases across the whole enterprise. Now we have a single, central source of trusted information instantly accessible, and Talend is extensible to core business processes across the enterprise.”

Previously, HCF’s data environment was siloed, without a single source of truth, and limited in its ability to scale and support new use cases. HCF implemented a metadata-based ingestion framework that merged the capabilities of Talend, Snowflake and AWS as the core for its cloud-based infrastructure. Talend was selected to replace the multiple previous data integration tools and implement effective data quality measures. The new architecture enabled the team to create a single source of truth for various sources of data and increased the accessibility of that data by making it cloud-native.

HCF started seeing results in 2021, according to Dhagat. “We were able to consolidate 68,000 reports into 300 concise reports drawing from 100 plus dashboards, which drew from the same single, central source of information,” he said. “Now our executives can trust the insights they get from the analytics team – and this, in turn, creates a win for our customers, who get better coverage and better value from our services.”

Due to the success of the first phase, HCF has now begun the second phase of its transformation-bringing more AI, Machine Learning and advanced analytics into the BI generation and reporting process. These new capabilities will bring additional business value in multiple forms-from new insights about fraud, integrity, waste and abuse, to more personalized digital marketing campaigns that better leverage segments and more cost-effective media buying and conversion strategies.

“In an increasingly competitive and changing market environment, businesses are relying on healthy data to be agile in order to improve and expand customer services, create business process efficiencies and identify growth opportunities,” said Mark Fazackerley, Regional Vice President, Australia and New Zealand, Talend. “HCF’s data journey and accomplishments illustrate the benefits from organization-wide data health with a proper approach and solutions. We will be there to support them as they continue to innovate and achieve desired outcomes from their transformation initiatives.”

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