Commpete salutes ‘sensible approach’ of ACCC over NBN price setting proposal

Commpete salutes ‘sensible approach’ of ACCC over NBN price setting proposal

Australian telecom challenger alliance Commpete has saluted the ‘sensible approach’ taken by the ACCC in rejecting NBN Co’s proposed Special Access Undertaking (SAU) – which would set pricing and service standards up until 2040.

Commpete chair, Michelle Lim, said the SAU process was necessary to deliver the substantial reforms and a carefully designed package of regulatory measures. 

“In our view, these changes will embed the NBN as a strategic piece of national infrastructure, which is the entire reason for its existence.

“We’re pleased that many substantial and long overdue reforms, for which we have strongly advocated, have been incorporated into the SAU proposals. We’re particularly pleased about the revised treatment of the Initial Cost Recovery Account (ICRA), the removal of many barriers for smaller providers to enter and compete, the competitive wholesale pricing structures, the inclusion of accounting separation and introducing frameworks for better governance of service standards,” said Lim. 

“We applaud the work of the ACCC for continuing to steadfastly steer towards closing out the outstanding items to reach final agreement.  We hope a sensible approach will be taken by all to mutually agree on an approvable proposal so the industry and end-consumers can reap the benefits of fixed broadband across Australia.”   

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