NCS partners global players to advance a ‘collaborative, empowered and safer tomorrow’

NCS partners global players to advance a ‘collaborative, empowered and safer tomorrow’

NCS has announced seven transformative partnerships with Dell Technologies, Mandiant and Visa as well as AI Singapore, Assurity Trusted Solutions, Globe Group (Philippines) and Singapore Institute of Directors to provide enterprises and governments the combined expertise of industry leaders and best in class solutions together with NCS’ end-to-end tech services.

This is pitched as enabling organizations to harness cybersecurity, Generative AI and other technologies with confidence and develop resilience.

Based on a shared vision of harnessing technology and innovation, the partnerships were announced at the NCS’ inaugural Impact forum that brought together over 1,000 decision makers and distinguished experts from enterprises and governments across Asia Pacific (APAC).

Ng Kuo Pin, CEO, NCS,said: Today’s world is not an easy one to navigate. Businesses and governments face complexities on many fronts such as geopolitical tensions, technology inflexion and changing expectations of work. To address these challenges and rise above the turbulence, there’s a need to ask the right questions, starting with what matters most to us as communities and how we can make tomorrow safer, empowered and collaborative.”

“None of us have all the answers. We believe collaboration is the way everyone can harness technology more confidently to achieve the outcomes we want. Through our partnerships with global and leading players to harness AI, Metaverse, Digital Trust and other technologies, clients can tap into NCS’ expanded capabilities and networks for advanced and comprehensive solutions. Together, we can better navigate the multiple complexities,” Kuo Pin said.

The partnership with Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud, delivers secure large-scale implementations with Mandiant’s intelligence-led, multi-vendor approach to cybersecurity.

In addition, they will jointly conduct research and development on Generative AI for cybersecurity and explore opportunities to develop solutions for Cyber Risk Management in the emerging AI space.

technology services expertise and Mandiant’s global expertise in cybersecurity.

In a collaboration with Assurity, NCS will work with clients to provide solutions in email security and other areas.

The partnership between NCS and Dell has both working toward secure and localised Generative AI solutions to enterprises across APAC – allowing for the deployment of AI tools at scale and securely on-premise.

NCS has signed an MOU with AI Singapore (AISG), the national AI programme launched by Singapore’s National Research Foundation, to jointly explore and develop Generative AI Technologies and Applied AI Solutions to drive innovation, create impactful solutions, and strengthen Singapore’s position in the global AI landscape.

This partnership leverages AISG’s expertise in deep AI capabilities and NCS’ extensive experience in providing technology, cybersecurity, and digital solutions in the APAC.

DataSpark, an NCS subsidiary that provides geospatial mobility data, has partnered with Visa to provide data insights for commercial property, retail, tourism, government, and telco organizations. This partnership is pitched as allowing enterprises and governments to harness the power of accurate and anonymised mobility data and depersonalized, aggregated transactional data to better meet consumers’ preferences, reduce business risks, and create new opportunities.

NCS and Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) will work together to create a prototype for SIDgpt, a Generative AI-powered contextual search engine for SID members.

NCS and Globe, a leading digital platform in the Philippines with major holdings in telecommunications, fintech, and healthtech, have signed an MOU that fortifies their current engagement on improving Globe’s Enterprise architecture and ICT capabilities.

With NCS continuing its role as a key solution partner, Globe aims to further the digital aspirations of companies and enterprises in the Philippines that will bring tangible transformative benefits to local communities.

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