Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services offer a logical approach to decarbonization

Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services offer a logical approach to decarbonization

Combining digital and industrial data, Hitachi Vantara helps customers intelligently assess IT systems and OT processes for a more energy-efficient future.

Hitachi Vantara is offering new Sustainability Solutions and Services to aid organizations in achieving critical environmental and decarbonization goals.

Leveraging expertise in industrial domains, green transformation, energy and mobility, the new offerings enable organizations to adopt sustainable business practices that pave the way to a greener future.

Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services are pitched as uniquely designed to better understand and reduce the carbon footprint from physical and digital operations, focussed on four key areas crucial for decarbonization:

  • Green IT: Gaining a holistic understanding of IT footprint through insights to decarbonize IT assets and operations, including application and asset energy efficiency, power supply and equipment, scope 3 cloud emissions, energy efficient IT architecture – including Hitachi Vantara’s eco-friendly storage portfolio – and data stewardship
  • Manufacturing: Understanding energy consumption and carbon emissions across manufacturing processes and value chains to realize business growth through lower carbon intensity and resource efficiency
  • Facilities: Creating an optimized system built for needs by incorporating sensors, advanced analytics and control systems to achieve greater energy efficiencies and cost savings
  • Data and Analytics: Co-creating customer-specific solutions for greater impact on social and environmental issues through Hitachi’s extensive expertise in IoT, advanced analytics, Digital Twin and AI technologies.

“Decarbonation is no longer reserved for the most environmentally conscious as industries face increasing regulation and requirements to limit carbon contributions,” said Bjoern Stengel, Global Sustainability Research Lead, IDC. “This new approach by Hitachi Vantara gives customers the tools to make informed decisions about its process and create solutions that will truly impact the bottom line — both in sustainability and monetarily.”

Leveraging the collective experience and cutting-edge technologies of the wider Hitachi group, the new portfolio is intended to empower customers to define and implement a realistic, measurable roadmap towards achieving carbon neutrality targets. Insights from precision dashboards can now easily identify carbon ‘hot spots’ and prioritize areas to realize environmental goals and business ambitions.

To better understand specific needs before embarking on a carbon reduction plan, Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services help customers define a quantifiable path forward, augmented with tailored digital solutions to streamline and transform – empowering a more sustainable future.

“The agriculture industry is facing increasingly strict requirements to reduce the overheads of water usage, improve environmental outcomes and ensure we maintain compliance with regulatory requirements,” said Wayne Parr, Director at Golden Grove Nursery, the dominant supplier of citrus nursery trees to the Queensland, Australia citrus industry.

“Golden Grove produces between 200,000 — 250,000 citrus nursery trees per year, supplying up to 70% of Queensland’s citrus growers and commercial orchards.

“Using the power of data and Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services to improve our irrigation management processes, we’re now able to intelligently monitor the irrigation systems daily and understand exactly when to water so we can identify and adjust for the months ahead.”

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