Digital Realty expands AI-powered energy efficiency platform to APAC

Digital Realty expands AI-powered energy efficiency platform to APAC

Digital Realty is to expand its in-house AI platform Apollo to APAC, in a strategic move aims to enhance energy efficiency across the company’s global portfolio.

The expansion marks the platform’s APAC debut, with one site in Melbourne and another in Singapore.

Digital Realty Chief Technology Officer Chris Sharp said the APAC expansion underscores the company’s dedication to leveraging technology to drive sustainable growth and operational excellence – in addition to aligning with future energy efficiency targets.

“We’re dedicated to continually improving the energy efficiency of our data centers in order to reach our global science-based emission reduction targets. Apollo helps us to achieve these goals while also supporting our customers’ sustainable growth and scalability targets.”

The AI platform has already demonstrated its effectiveness, identifying approximately 18 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of expected and realized energy savings across the 16 sites, the equivalent energy usage of approximately 1,600+ U.S. households over the course of a year.

Apollo’s ability to autonomously detect anomalies such as clogged filters and leaky valves and to suggest optimizations to operational settings without human intervention, enhances the effectiveness of Digital Realty’s site managers and engineers.

Apollo uses Machine Learning to provide a comprehensive dashboard that lists optimization opportunities at each facility, prioritized by potential megawatt-hour savings.

The platform’s self-learning capabilities aggregate findings, which are then audited and applied to newly onboarded facilities.

This ensures that every new site contributes value to the platform, benefiting the entire portfolio.

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