Huawei partners with Singapore’s EVe to support growing EV charging needs

Huawei partners with Singapore’s EVe to support growing EV charging needs

Singapore’s EV charging experience expected to be enhanced with collaboration between EVe and Huawei’s Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast charger – capable of making the charging time closer to that spent at petrol kiosks.

Huawei and Singapore’s EV-Electric (EVe) Charging – a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Land Transport Authority- have signed an MoU to facilitate collaboration in several key areas to meet Singapore’s growing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging needs.

The MoU includes:

  • Sharing of market insights and technological advancements for EV chargers
  • Exploring proof-of-concept projects for Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast chargers
  • Developing integrated solutions which include solar photovoltaic technology and energy storage systems.

The partnership aims to enhance accessibility, efficiency and innovation within Singapore’s EV charging infrastructure and marks the first time that Huawei will bring its most advanced Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast chargers for EV charging to the Singapore market.

Rated at 480kW, this is almost 10x faster than most conventional 50kW fast chargers in Singapore and will also be the fastest public charger in Southeast Asia.

Huawei’s Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast chargers represent a huge leap forward in EV charging technology, offering the capability to charge EVs at an ultra-fast charging rate of one kilometre per second proximately.

Typically, an overnight charging session will take around five to six hours.

With most conventional 50kW fast chargers, it will take about an hour.

Huawei’s ultra-fast solution will greatly promote the charging speed and revolutionise the charging experience in Singapore, making it much faster, more convenient and efficient for EV drivers – especially drivers of high mileage fleet vehicles such as taxis, private-hire vehicles or light goods vehicles.

With this, Singapore is rapidly advancing its EV charging infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of cleaner-energy vehicle drivers, including expanding the EV charging network in HDB and other publicly accessible carparks, as well as deploying more high-powered fast chargers to meet the needs of high mileage users such as taxi, private hire car, and fleet drivers.

Derek Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Eve, said: “We are excited that Huawei will be bringing their latest and fastest EV charging technology to Singapore. It is a potential game changer, especially for high mileage users such as taxi, private hire and delivery drivers. At almost 10x the speed of conventional fast chargers, we can help users save even more time and at some point, hopefully bring the charging experience closer to that of petrol kiosks.”

“We are delighted to partner with EVe and proud to introduce our most advanced EV charging solutions to Singapore,” said Maxi Wang, CEO, Huawei International.

“Huawei is always dedicated to innovating sustainable solutions for our shared green future. By working together with EVe, we can better support Singapore’s growing EV population and contribute our parts to the Singapore Green Plan 2030 agenda and beyond.

“We look forward to greater convenience for all EV users and a greener Singapore.”

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