Digital Realty expands NRT campus with construction of third data centre in Japan

Digital Realty expands NRT campus with construction of third data centre in Japan

Digital Realty, one of the largest global providers of cloud- and carrier-neutral data centre, colocation and interconnection solutions, has announced it has commenced construction of its third data centre at its NRT campus in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. 

NRT14, an important addition to Digital Realty’s global data centre platform, PlatformDIGITAL, is expected to open in December 2025, and will significantly increase availability of state-of-the-art AI-ready infrastructure capacity in Japan.

This announcement follows the recent launch of NRT12 on the same campus, solidifying Digital Realty’s commitment to providing customers with best-in-class data centre solutions in the region. 

The adoption of new technologies such as AI and Big Data, driven by Digital Transformation initiatives, is gaining momentum in Japan. Businesses face the challenge of deploying AI rapidly and at scale while maintaining data security and privacy. This has fuelled demand for AI-ready data centre infrastructure in the Tokyo metropolitan area, close to business districts and where AI services are being deployed and used.

NRT14, configurable to support private AI deployments, aims to meet this growing demand. It is expected to add up to 31MW of total IT capacity, bringing the total at the campus to 104MW.

Developed by MC Digital Realty, Digital Realty’s 50/50 joint venture in Japan with Mitsubishi Corporation, the facility will offer standardised and bespoke configurations to meet the high-density power requirements (up to 70kW per rack), cooling infrastructure and interconnectivity demands of complex AI workloads.

Recognising the power requirements of AI applications, NRT14 aims to use 100% renewable energy and will feature an innovative air-assisted liquid cooling (AALC) compliant design to decarbonise customers’ IT infrastructure and reduce environmental impact.  

The facility will form part of PlatformDIGITAL, giving customers access to over 1,100 cloud and IT services, 1,200 network services in 25+ countries, 50+ metros and 300+ data centre locations on six continents, enabling real-time data insights to power business innovation and growth.

NRT14 will also be ServiceFabric-enabled – Digital Realty’s orchestration and interconnection platform – to empower customers to centrally manage complex workflows and orchestrate their hybrid IT infrastructure and AI workloads from a single point. 

The facility will be connected to the other data centres on the NRT campus, including the newly-launched NRT12 which opened in March 2024, through Campus Connect. This high-speed on-campus interconnection service from Digital Realty allows customers to seamlessly access all facilities on a campus to increase their footprint and access other workloads. The modular design of the data centres on the campus will also allow for dynamic scaling of server environments to accommodate complex AI deployments.

“The addition of NRT14 to our NRT campus will further our ability to deliver robust and flexible AI-ready data centre environments to support customers’ Digital Transformation and innovation goals,” said Kosei Hatakeyama, Representative Director and CEO of MC Digital Realty. “The construction demonstrates our commitment to the continued development of our NRT campus to ensure we are meeting the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the broader industry in Japan.”

Serene Nah, Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific, Digital Realty, said: “Japan’s rapidly increasing demand for AI deployments creates the need for scalable, flexible and highly connected AI-ready data centres in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We believe NRT14’s next-generation data centre infrastructure and Digital Realty’s connected global open data centre platform provide the foundational pillars our customers need to drive innovation in the coming years.”

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