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BeyondTrust announces new partnership with SINEVIS

BeyondTrust announces new partnership with SINEVIS

BeyondTrust, a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorised access, has announced a strategic partnership with IT technology professional services organization SINEVIS.

Through the global reach and IT services delivery expertise of SINEVIS, the partnership expands opportunities for BeyondTrust and helps scale delivery capabilities, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India regions, to meet growing customer demands for a world-class Priviliged Access Management (PAM) solution.

According to BeyondTrust research released this month, 82% of survey respondents say that privileged access management facilitates the move to next-generation technologies. Next-generation, transformative technologies such as AI/Machine Learning and IoT and business processes like DevOps are leading the way to a bright future full of operational efficiencies and cost savings, however, these technologies also introduce security vulnerabilities. In fact, one in five respondents experienced five of more breaches related to next-generational technologies.

In the more than 20 countries SINEVIS serves—including Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius and Morocco—PAM solutions will be more readily available through this partnership to address the real business costs of misused credentials.

“For years, SINEVIS has been recognised by industry leaders for its continued growth and market leadership,” said Husam Al Saraf, Operations Director and Managing Partner of SINEVIS.

“It is an honour to partner with BeyondTrust to expand their professional services in identity, governance and vulnerability.”

Joseph Schramm, VP Strategic Alliances, BeyondTrust, added: “With the increase in data breaches and security threats involving the misuse of privileged credentials and the ever-increasing regulatory demands for identity and access controls, organisations across all industries and geographies are facing the need to maintain an adequate privileged security model.

“Through our alliance with SINEVIS and applying their experience in delivering successful IT implementations from around the globe, we will expand and enhance our ability to provide customers with the necessary tools and technology to combat today’s cyberthreats.”

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