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Tenable research finds serious vulnerability in Microsoft Teams

Tenable has disclosed details of a serious vulnerability in Microsoft Teams discovered by its Zero-Day Research Team. By abusing PowerApps functionality (a separate product used within Teams for building and using custom business apps), threat actors could gain persistent read/write access to a victim user’s email, Teams chats, OneDrive, Sharepoint and a variety of other […]

Kaspersky sheds light on the ransomware ecosystem

Ransomware is on the tip of everyone’s tongue every time businesses discuss cyberthreats they are likely to face in 2021. Attackers have built their brands and are bold in their advances like never before, with the news about organisations being hit with ransomware consistently on newspaper front pages. But by placing themselves under the spotlight, […]

The state of procurement in SA and opportunity for digital solutions

A good number of South African companies find themselves in a fairly precarious position when it comes to procurement because they have yet to properly integrate their basic processes and their weaknesses have come to be more evident during this time that limits peoples’ movement and physical contact. Anne-Emmanuelle Grené, Head, Oxalys South Africa, explains […]

Two-thirds of businesses will change operating model to focus on employee experience

The results show that more alignment with employees is needed but nearly half of businesses plan tech investments to further improve the workplace experience. The findings consider how the pandemic has shaped the workplace experience for over 1,100 business leaders and employees worldwide. EMEA business leaders are out of touch with what employees want in […]

Study shows global public sector ‘Cloud Smart’ strategies validated by COVID-19 response

Nutanix has announced the global public sector industry findings of its third annual Enterprise Cloud Index Report, measuring organizations’ plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds. The findings point to a concentrated modernization effort throughout the sector over the past few months, with 70% of respondents saying COVID-19 has caused IT to be viewed […]

Study reveals integration challenges threaten Digital Transformation

MuleSoft, a provider of integration and API platform, has reported that integration challenges continue to be a major roadblock for Digital Transformation initiatives. MuleSoft’s ‘2021 Connectivity Benchmark Report’ found that IT teams are spending over a third of their time on integration projects and custom integrations are costing large enterprises on average US$3.5 million each […]

Gartner survey reveals over half of CIOs plan to increase full-time IT employees in 2021

Fifty-five percent of CIOs plan to increase their total number of full-time employees (FTEs) in IT across the course of 2021, according to a recent survey from Gartner. They will predominantly focus staffing growth in the areas of automation, cloud and analytics platforms and support for remote work. “The critical role IT played across most […]

New research shows shift to remote work has intensified data protection challenges

Barracuda, a global provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, has released key findings from a recent report ‘The state of Office 365 backup’. Commissioned by Barracuda, the research surveyed global IT decision makers to capture their opinions and perspectives about Office 365, data security, backup and recovery, SaaS solutions, and a variety of related topics.  Overall, […]

IBM Study: 84% of South African C-Suite executives pursuing hybrid cloud strategies

A new IBM study conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), has revealed that 84% of South African C-Suite are eitherpursuing or planning hybrid cloud strategies. According to the study, C-Suite executives in South Africa are prioritising the implementation of hybrid cloud strategies to benefit from flexibility, cost savings, testing and development, as well as […]

CXO Research: 58% of data backups are failing, leaving data unprotected

Veeam Data Protection Report 2021 finds that COVID-19 has significantly impacted Digital Transformation (DX) spending, with 40% of global organizations viewing economic uncertainty as the greatest barrier to DX in the next 12 months and one-third having slowed or halted initiatives in the past year. Data protection challenges are undermining organizations’ abilities to execute Digital […]

Global survey finds 71% of cloud users suffered a malicious account takeover in 2020

Vectra AI, a provider of network detection and response (NDR) solutions, has released its global survey of 1,112 security professionals working in mid to large sized organisations using Microsoft Office 365. The findings confirm that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud migration and Digital Transformation among 88% of companies and that 71% of Microsoft Office […]

Cisco: Weaving a fabric of trust to enable seamless Digital Transformation

The ‘Cisco 2021 Security Outcomes Study’ which surveyed 4,800 security, IT and privacy professionals across 25 countries found that enabling business, managing risk and operating efficiently as the most commonly desired business outcomes from implemented security measures. Adele Trombetta, Vice President, Customer Experience, Cisco Middle East and Africa and Technology Transformation Group Europe, Middle East, […]

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