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Using technology to move beyond price and merchandise

Gareth Hawkey, Group CEO at redPanda Software, says that retailers need to create a compelling reason for customers to enter their stores and should look at technology to differentiate themselves from the competition. “For the past two decades, retailers have tended to focus on saving costs and creating efficiencies,” said Hawkey. “This has led to […]

ServiceNow expert on benefits of IT Service Management Systems

Having an effective IT Service Management System (ITSM) enables organisations to deliver and control the services they offer to customers. Intelligent CIO spoke to Mark Ackerman, Regional Director, MESAT and EE, ServiceNow, to discuss to discuss the policies that should be implemented.  1) What ITSM practices do you think organisations should adopt? Based on our real-world […]

Schneider Electric VP demonstrates importance of self-sustainability

According to Taru Madangombe, Vice President of Energy in Southern Africa for Schneider Electric, the energy supply industry in South Africa is experiencing a new dawn. “It offers digitisation, decentralisation, grid maintenance and management, energy efficiency and industrial applications, renewable energy systems, energy storage, demand management, communications and automation for infrastructure. “Schneider Electric strives to […]

Local IT market sees rise of ‘simplicity as a service’, says Itec expert

Opinion piece by Gavin Meyer, Executive Director at Itec South Africa.  Who’d want to be a CIO or CTO in 2018? They’re being bombarded by an avalanche of new technologies and business approaches that are demanding their attention. Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, Disruption and Innovation. And while they’re busy trying to […]

Digital Transformation key to next generation healthcare in Africa

The benefits of the digital revolution to the healthcare sector in Africa are enormous, yet many angles must be considered if it is to prove successful. There are many people around the world who fall through the cracks in the healthcare field. They either lack the resources to see a doctor, or there is simply […]

Securing credit card transactional data is crucial, says Xperien expert

Ever wondered where every credit card transaction is recorded and stored and how secure that data is, especially after the hardware on which that data is stored reaches end-of-life? If this data is compromised and lands in the wrong hands, it could have catastrophic consequences for not only the company concerned, but for the banks […]

Fortinet Director on cyber hygiene practices that can go a long way

Doros Hadjizenonos, Regional Sales Director at Fortinet in South Africa, provides the cyber hygiene practices that organisations can adopt to increase their online security. When on the job at a corporate office, a healthcare organisation, or an academic institution or government agency, or even when you are working from a local coffee shop, restaurant, or […]

CIOs in Africa ‘play a central role in defining new business models’

Analysts examine the results of the Gartner 2019 CIO Agenda that took place at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Cape Town, South Africa. Digital business is maturing and forcing organisations to change their business models and look to IT to help. According to Gartner Inc’s annual CIO survey, half of the CIOs in Africa said their organisation […]

Automation testing skills define the future, says Africonology CEO

In 2016, the global test automation market was valued at around US$16 billion. And, in a study done by Zion Market Research, the company predicted that this market will reach US55 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of just over 23% from 2017. Driven by Digital Transformation and measurable benefits to business and process, the […]

Smart Media expert Cecil Ungerer on the changing face of retail

Cecil Ungerer, Chief Sales Officer at in-store advertising innovators Smart Media, looks at how retail firms now have access to a number of digital tools to enhance the in-store experience. Despite challenging global economic conditions, retail sales in South Africa rose 1.3% year-on-year in July. Even though this is in line with expectations, it is […]

Westcon-Comstor expert on how to prepare for Blockchain technology

How can organisations investing in Blockchain solutions prepare their security team for the impact of the technology? By Andrew Potgieter, Director Security Solutions at Westcon-Comstor Although Blockchain technology has great promise, the technology today is still in infancy and very immature. The technology tends to be offered as a solution in search of a problem and […]

J2 Software offers enterprise-grade security for SMEs in South Africa

Rising levels of cybercrime, and its increasing sophistication, threaten businesses of all sizes but SMEs are particularly vulnerable, according to John McLoughlin, CEO of J2, a leading supplier of information security, governance, risk and compliance solutions. “SMEs operate on tight budgets (both in terms of money and time), must manage cash flows carefully and keep […]

Fortinet expert on how security teams can prepare for Blockchain technology

How can organisations investing in Blockchain solutions prepare their security team for the impact of the technology? By Doros Hadjizenonos, Regional Sales Director (Southern Africa) at security specialist Fortinet As organisations like the FBI and Interpol work harder to track and arrest cyberattackers, criminals are being forced to look for new ways to avoid detection, […]

Oracle expert on how to prepare for Blockchain technology

How can organisations investing in Blockchain solutions prepare their security team for the impact of the technology? Craig Nel, Mobile and Cognitive Experience (MCX) Leader at Oracle Middle East, Africa and Turkey. While Blockchain is widely seen as one of today’s most disruptive emerging technologies, there is still a limited understanding about it, with business […]

Syrex expert on the importance of thinking differently about cybersecurity

With data being likened to the oil of the digital age, decision-makers cannot afford to ignore evolving cyberthreats especially given recent examples of ransomware attacks targeting local companies. Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at cyber resilience experts Syrex, examines the importance of thinking differently about cybersecurity. “International research shows that 54% of the global respondents […]

SAP Africa Managing Director on the future of work in a digital world

The future of work in a digital world By Cathy Smith, Managing Director at SAP Africa. The digital age and the new technologies it’s brought with it – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – is seen by many as a threat to our way of life as we know it. […]

Xperien CEO asks if we should destroy or redeploy old equipment?

Companies must be cautious to safely dispose of data-rich electronics, especially in this rapid pace of technological and digital change. An even bigger challenge is to decide whether it is more economical to destroy or redeploy old equipment. Recycling old electronics is the right choice when they are broken and beyond repair, but equipment that […]

Cloud shift starting to take place in SA financial service sector

Mounting pressure on financial service institutions has forced a change in strategy as disruptors redefine the competitive landscape.  Andrew Cruise, CEO, Routed, a vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider, says that thanks to the cloud and a growing base of market disruptors, innovation and technology are becoming more critical to the survival of today’s financial institutions. […]

Africa is a hub for innovation, says SilverBridge Holdings expert

With a population of more than 1.2 billion people, 54 countries, and foreign direct investment (FDI) totalling US$59 billion in 2016, Africa presents organisations across industry sectors with ample business opportunities. Annalie Terblanche, Product Manager at SilverBridge Holdings, says that although the continent has long been viewed for its potential, the rate of technological innovation […]

BitCo identifies five defence mechanisms to combat cyberattacks

With unprepared businesses ending up on the firing line, Michael Colin, Sales Director at telecommunications service provider BitCo, offers five ‘easy-to-implement’ defence mechanisms. Naivety and ignorance are no longer valid excuses and owners of small and medium-sized organisations in every sector are under even more pressure to comply with data protection requirements as well as […]