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Centrify expert on being proactive in cybersecurity hygiene measures

Threat actors are relentlessly targeting end users for their credentials to penetrate corporate networks and businesses must be proactive in their cybersecurity hygiene measures. That is according to Kamel Heus, Regional Director, Northern, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Centrify. The recent Intersec 2019 held in Dubai had an interesting participant – an American company […]

LanDynamix MD on how organisations can prevent security breaches

Peter Clarke, Managing Director, LanDynamix  – leading cybersecurity and managed services specialists – expands on the question:  What steps can organisations take to prevent security breaches? Digital Transformation may have changed the way we work and live, with the proliferation of the Internet of everything and all that comes with it but the caveat is […]

J2 Software CEO on the importance of securing your password

J2 Software CEO John McLoughlin on how to to keep your passwords secure.   Password breaches are all too common nowadays and the biggest challenge is to keep a different complex password for every website or app. Most people use the same passwords on multiple sites and when one of those sites is compromised, hackers […]

Integration in the healthcare industry requires the right tools

Although there has been a widespread adoption of electronic health records, the integration of healthcare data remains a crucial challenge for the healthcare industry as it endeavours to achieve interoperability. In addition, healthcare entities need to understand that real data integration means working with the right technology partners to ensure that all challenges are met. […]

PBT Group expert on the importance of data analytics in business

Yolanda Smit, Regional (Gauteng) Director at PBT Group, says becoming data-driven is a key priority for organisations and has fast become ‘the new oil’ in business. Undoubtedly, businesses that have already invested in data analytics have begun to reap the benefits, especially those wanting to make far more accurate forecasts and examine ways to become […]

Artificial Intelligence and the birth of the next generation data centre

Ian Jansen van Rensburg, VMware EMEA Senior Systems Engineer, looks at the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the birth of the next generation data centre. Artificial Intelligence has rapidly become a leading driver of innovation, creating competitive advantages and new business opportunities. The proliferation of data is enabling breakthroughs across disparate industries, from transportation and […]

Biometrics is the future for 2019 General Elections, according to Ideco

With the upcoming elections set to cost hundreds of millions of rands, Marius Coetzee, CEO of South African Identity management experts Ideco, says South Africa needs to look to a future-proof, automated and digitised election. The 2019 general elections, set to go ahead in May this year, will once again cost the country hundreds of […]

Ruckus Networks Director on capitalising on tech innovation for 2019

With 2019 already in full swing, thoughts inevitably turn to what to expect later this year. Riaan Graham, Sales Director for Ruckus Networks, Sub-Saharan Africa, looks at what businesses should be looking at in 2019? Network and connectivity The network environment will be a fundamental component in 2019. We are seeing more regulatory focus on […]

Frost & Sullivan announces findings of global SD-WAN survey

Global market research and consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, has announced the findings of a global end-user market survey sponsored by leading software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution provider, Silver Peak. The survey offers insights into enterprise IT decision makers’ thoughts on SD-WAN market trends and their impact on enterprise WAN architectures. Anton Jacobsz, Managing […]

Re-thinking DDoS defences for encryption technology TLS1.3

According to NETSCOUT Arbor, the arrival of TLS1.3, the latest advance in encryption technology, is going to require a re-think of certain mechanisms for detecting and mitigating some forms of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Darren Anstee, Chief Technology Officer, NETSCOUT Arbor, says certain advances in encryption technology, including the latest version of the […]

Four problems to avoid in order to have a successful AIOps integration

Ian Jansen van Rensburg, VMware EMEA Senior Systems Engineer, says you need to avoid four common problems in order to have a successful AIOps integration. The explosion in operational data and Machine Learning compute capacity is finally enabling AIOps – Artificial Intelligence for Operations. But like many other technologies, AIOps fits within a larger organisational […]

Tech support scams are a growing threat, according to Trend Micro

Hackers are always on the lookout for new ways to make more money. Cybercriminals have an impressive arsenal of tools to use in order to retrieve data or money from someone’s network. One of the methods that they are using far more often is the tech support scam Microsoft received over 150,000 reports globally in […]

Smart Media say in-store digital experience will change local retail

From in-store advertising innovators Smart Media With the South African e-commerce market expected to top US$4.7 billion by 2023 (up from US$2.5 billion in 2017), many would be forgiven to think that traditional retail is dwindling. However, there remains significant opportunities for merchants to drive in-store shopping for a more integrated consumer experience. Many retailers […]

Demand for VSAT satellite services is growing in Africa

Thanks to the arrival of HTS (high-throughput satellite) in Africa, the demand for VSAT satellite services is on the increase and remains critical to unlocking connectivity on the continent where over 70% still remain unconnected. This sentiment was also evident at the Mobile World Congress 2019 where Intelsat made clear that delivering on the promise […]

How quickly could a cyberattack take down critical infrastructure?

With crucial national infrastructure like power systems and manufacturing currently in the spotlight, Doros Hadjizenonos, Regional Sales Director at security specialist Fortinet, says stakeholders need to consider the impacts of unseen risks, such as cyberattacks, on Operational Technology networks. The recent national infrastructure challenges have thrown into sharp relief the impacts down time can have […]

Elingo CIO on how Shadow IT increases the technical footprint

For some people in a business, Shadow IT represents a credible solution to be used to address challenges, whereas for others it remains an IT strategy shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty. According to Henning Lange, Chief Technology Officer at Johannesburg-based ICT and cloud solutions leader Elingo, the reality is that Shadow IT increases the technical […]

IFS expert on the benefits of integrated EAM and ERP solution

Mohamed Cassoojee, MD and Country Manager, IFS South Africa and Africa, says a single, integrated EAM and ERP solution can power an asset-intensive business into the future. Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software originated in the manufacturing sector as Materials Resource Planning (MRP) solutions for organisations that needed to manage a lot of inventory. From […]

Decision Inc expert on Artificial Intelligence revolutionising HR

Rousseau Kluever, Senior Client Partner at Decision Inc, looks at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the human resources department.    With spending on cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems expected to reach US$77.6 billion by 2022 (more than three times the US$24 billion forecast for last year), South African companies would do well to […]

Report reveals the potential cyberthreats facing RF controllers

Industrial manufacturers have come to rely on a great deal on radio frequency (RF) protocols in their day-to-day functioning. From simple operations such as turning on a motor to more intricate functions like manoeuvring a heavy-duty vehicle, RF forms an integral part of the smooth running of industry. Signals are sent over the air, which […]

Bluegrass Digital on choosing the right tech stack for mobile apps

Speed to market is the key ingredient to sustaining a competitive advantage. In the app development world, choosing the right mobile technology stack could mean the difference between success and failure. If someone wants to create a highly functional mobile app – quicker and cheaper – they need to choose the right mobile app technology. […]