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Vodafone research shows SA is optimistic about business outcomes of IoT

Vodafone has released the South African findings of its fifth annual IoT Barometer Report – the leading global survey of business sentiment regarding investment and innovation in the Internet of Things. The IoT Barometer research surveyed 1,278 respondents in 13 countries: the US, Brazil, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, China, India, Japan, Australia […]

Gartner survey confirms the changing role of the CIO

Digitalisation and technological innovation are changing the nature of the job of the CIO. Leaders are rapidly scaling their digital businesses, making the remainder of this year and 2018 a defining moment for CIOs who don’t want to be left behind. Gartner, Inc.’s annual global survey of CIOs showed that the CIO role is transitioning […]

BeyondTrust reveals ‘5 deadly sins’ increasing the risk of data breach

BeyondTrust, the leading cybersecurity company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorised access, has announced its annual privileged access management survey which identified the ‘Five Deadly Sins of Privileged Access Management’, and how they prevent organisations from effectively protecting sensitive information. For years, security experts have outlined best practices for privileged access management (PAM) […]

McAfee Labs sees cyberattacks target healthcare and social media users

McAfee Inc. has released its ‘McAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2017’, which examines the rise of script-based malware, suggests five proven threat hunting best practices, provides an analysis of the recent WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks, assesses reported attacks across industries, and reveals growth trends in malware, ransomware, mobile malware, and other threats in Q2 […]

Fortinet warns that BlueBorne may affect billions of devices

Fortinet®, the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, urges caution regarding a new Bluetooth exploit, known as BlueBorne, that has been discovered to exploit a number of Bluetooth vulnerabilities, making billions of devices potentially vulnerable to attack. While there is no evidence that such attack vectors currently exist in the wild, it is possible that […]

When businesses get bit by bytes

Whether it is due to a technical glitch, human error or, as in the recent Petya and WannaCry cases, a full-on cyberattack, as digitalisation transforms the industrial world there is a significant cyber risk for companies delivering products and services. Implementing proper risk management procedures should be top priority, including understanding the significant threat posed […]

Equifax breach: The impact for enterprises and consumers

Article by Rick Holland, VP Strategy, Digital Shadows What we know about the Equifax breach On 7th September, credit reporting agency Equifax announced “a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting approximately 143 million US consumers”. To put this in context, at this time, this incident is almost seven times larger than the Office of Personnel Management breach […]

Broadband is the foundation for cloud services in southern Africa

Huawei South Africa has urged ICT policy makers to consider broadband connectivity not just for Internet access, but as an enabler of cloud services, which will leapfrog digitisation of Southern African economies. Huawei is attending the Southern African Development Community (SADC) ICT Ministers Meeting, taking place at Zimbali outside Durban. The event is being attended […]

When Androids attack: protecting against WireX botnet DDoS attacks

Article by Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks It appears Mirai may have some competition. And its name is WireX. Google recently removed roughly 300 apps from its Play Store after researchers found that the apps in question were secretly hijacking Android devices to feed traffic to wide-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) […]

Twenty years of DDoS attacks – looking back, looking forward

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are more popular and dangerous today than at any time in history. In 20 years, DDoS attacks have gone from being a novelty to a nuisance, and finally today they represent a serious threat against the availability and functionality of websites, online services and applications. This is according to […]

All the virtual news from VMware’s VMworld US 2017

Need to know what happened at VMworld US 2017? Intelligent CIO Africa has been provided with the inside track with regards to the trends, product releases, partnerships and announcements made by the global software company as it continues on its path to be a major player in cloud computing, digital transformation and software-defined everything. VMworld […]

ZTE SA’s strategy aimed at helping South Africa to overcome infrastructure deficit

South Africa is a country with immense potential, both in its own right and as a gateway into Africa, but despite this, the country is not yet on track to realise its full potential. One of the major reasons for this is a lack of investment in critical infrastructure, which is vital for any successful […]

Africa’s entry into Big Data and analytics

The African market is witnessing a maturation of data analytics into an independent, intuitive technology. It is becoming integral to the way people work, moving away from the predominant use by only a select few, towards a tool that is utilised across the entire organisation. According to Jane Thomson, Managing Director at Softworx, in 2017, […]

Safaricom uses Nokia CEM on Demand to differentiate services in Kenya

Customer demands are constantly evolving and will not slow down. To keep pace with this, operators have been managing digital transformation, seamless omni-channel experiences and embedding the voice of the customer into their operations. However, with technology evolving faster, growing competition and greater consumer standards, it is increasingly difficult to maintain pace with customers. This […]

Africa gears up for IoT transformation

A recent global survey by HP Enterprise of 3,000+ IT and business decision makers at the end of 2016, found that the Internet of Things has hit an inflection point in their minds. IoT is moving from good to great. Expectations from IoT are sky-high, and those who have implemented IoT in the right way […]

Spammers cashed in on WannaCry epidemics to promote fraudulent protection services

In Q2 2017, cybercriminals involved in spam distribution tried to capitalise on public fears when the WannaCry ransomware epidemic struck in May. Knowing that there are lots of people out there infected with this ransomware, and searching for ways to get their encrypted data back, fraudsters sent out spam and phishing emails, offering users different […]

ShadowPad: backdoor exposed in software used by hundreds of companies globally

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a backdoor planted in a server management software product used by hundreds of large businesses around the world. When activated, the backdoor allows attackers to download further malicious modules or steal data. Kaspersky Lab has alerted NetSarang, the vendor of the affected software, and it has promptly removed the malicious […]

POPI adds a new dimension to personal data protection in South Africa

Whether one has totally embraced South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act or not – or truly understands the legal responsibilities it enforces upon businesses and organisations – there is no denying it has altered the scope of data protection, management and governance in South Africa. POPI is now a reality and the year […]

LinkedIn launches mobile web and Android app ‘LinkedIn Lite’ in Africa

LinkedIn,  the world’s largest professional network, has announced the availability of its new LinkedIn Lite mobile web and Android app in more than 60 countries across the world including Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Nigeria. LinkedIn Lite is designed for markets where bandwidth is a challenge. LinkedIn Lite is a lighter, faster version of its […]

Data risks give no rewards, Kaspersky Lab warns

Users are putting their precious and sensitive data in danger, by the way they share both their information, and their physical devices containing this information with others. Kaspersky Lab’s My Precious Data: Stranger Danger report lifts the lid on data sharing habits and reveals that people who share their data and devices, live digital lives […]