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Turkcell will play an active role in setting global 5G standards

Turkcell will play an active role in setting global 5G standards

Turkcell has become a member of 3GPP, the most influential global organisation in developing the standards in 5G, which is targeted for commercial launch in 2020. By becoming a member of 3GPP, Turkcell will assume an active role aiming at remarkable contributions in the development phases of 5G, viewed as the technology of the future. Turkcell’s many years of experience will be instrumental in 5G standardisation activities along with other global players.

Turkcell prepares to leave its mark on 2018 with a major and exciting step forward in the technology field. On its path to rapidly becoming the world’s first global digital operator, Turkcell will be involved in the standardisation work of 5G, which is the next generation wireless technology after 4G, together with other major global corporations in the field. Becoming a member of the most prominent global organisation in the development of the 5G standards, Turkcell will join the efforts and leave its mark on the technologies that will be shaping the future.

Pointing to the infrastructure preparation work on 5G that has been underway for a while, Turkcell’s CEO Kaan Terzioğlu, said: “As Turkey’s Turkcell, we are proud to be a pioneer in several fields concerning 5G. We reached record speeds in one of the world’s first 5G tests which took place under the roof of Turkcell. To lay the groundwork for Turkey to be a major player in the field, we are engaged in scientific cooperation with universities and are continuing to support the leading efforts of BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority), all aimed at making Turkey one of the first countries to implement 5G. We have gained valuable experience in infrastructure and product deployment, service development, making network improvements and offering the latest technologies, by cooperating with global players. In the field of 5G, as a corporation we desire not to be a mere consumer. Instead, we aspire to be a producer, a company involved in the development activities as a leader and are continuing to work steadily towards that goal. In this scope, we are very happy to be a member of 3GPP, as part of the next step in these efforts and look forward to participating in this undertaking alongside the other leaders. With this crucial move, we as Turkcell, have stepped further towards the 5G era. We believe that our unique approach, as the world’s first digital operator, will contribute greatly to 5G technology, together with other 3GPP member companies.”

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