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Talent shortage top of mind as UK businesses make use of their most critical asset

Alteryx, revolutionising business through data science and analytics, has revealed critical challenges in the journey towards becoming a data-driven enterprise. The new independently delivered Alteryx-commissioned research uncovers the benefits and impact of data analytics in digitisation projects in the UK, as well as across five other digitally advanced countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) […]

CrowdStrike report reveals prolific adversary trends and tactics

CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, has announced the release of the Falcon OverWatchTM 2019 mid-year report: Observations From the Front Lines of Threat Hunting. The report is comprised of threat data from CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch, CrowdStrike’s industry-leading managed threat hunting team. The annual report details several of the sophisticated intrusions the team has […]

More than half of UK businesses are still not fully GDPR compliant, according to survey

A survey of UK GDPR decision-makers conducted on behalf of Egress, a leading provider of people-centric data security solutions, has revealed that 52% of businesses are not fully compliant with the regulation, more than a year after its implementation. The survey also found that 37% of respondents had reported an incident to the ICO in […]

UK businesses continue to invest in IT infrastructure at the digital Edge

The latest Global Interconnection Index (GXI), an annual market study published by Equinix, predicts private connectivity at the Edge will grow by 51% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and exceed a total bandwidth capacity of more than 13,300 Tbps, equivalent to 53 zettabytes of data exchanged annually. This is enough to support every person on […]

UK office workers wasting 1.8 billion hours a year due to mediocre technology

UK office workers waste 1.8 billion working hours every year because the technology they’re given isn’t good enough, research from Insight has revealed. The survey of 2,000 UK office workers also showed that more than a third (34%) of employees said that not being equipped with the right technology makes remote and flexible working difficult […]

Synopsys study highlights impact of DevOps on software security

Synopsys has released BSIMM10, the latest version of the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM), designed to help organisations plan, execute, mature and measure their software security initiatives (SSIs). Synopsys has used the BSIMM nearly 450 times across 185 firms over the past decade and this 10th iteration reflects software security activities observed across 122 firms. […]

Mimecast report finds increase in Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks

Mimecast, a leading email and data security company, has announced the availability of its latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA). The quarterly assessment is an aggregated report of tests that measure the efficacy of widely used email security systems. This quarter’s ESRA report found a significant increase in Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, emails containing […]

Survey reveals UK public is more trusting of government’s ability to protect their data than the US, France or Germany

Venafi, the inventor and a leading provider of machine identity protection, has announced the results of a consumer survey on government-mandated encryption backdoors and data protection. The survey evaluated the opinions of over 4,120 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany. According to the survey, consumers do not trust major cybersecurity talking points pushed […]

McAfee report shows cloud-native breaches differ from malware attacks of the past

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, has released Cloud-Native: The Infrastructure-as-a-Service Adoption and Risk Report, covering new research on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) incidents in the cloud. According to industry analysts, IaaS is now the fastest growing area of the cloud due to the speed, cost and reliability with which organisations can create and deploy applications. The results of […]

Verizon report urges businesses to ‘be prepared, proactive and practice’

Businesses are more aware than ever of how cybercrime could impact their reputation and their bottom line. Annual reports such as the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report and the Verizon Insider Threat Report continue to flag those cyberthreats and trends that should be on every organisation’s radar. However, while knowledge is essential in understanding the […]

European enterprises say cloud is critical to innovation, yet millions are being spent on unused cloud services

European enterprises are spending £29.48 million on cloud services and 42% say the cloud has been critical to digital innovation initiatives in the last two years, according to the 2019 European Insight Intelligent Technology Index (ITI). However, the survey of 1,000 enterprises across Europe showed that 30% (£8.8 million) of this cloud spend is on […]

OpenText expert on revolutionising fraud investigation with AI

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly turning to innovative technologies in the fight against fraud. Simon Price, VP Sales, OpenText Legal Tech, tells us how the UK’s Serious Fraud Office is utilising OpenText solutions to investigate and prosecute cases efficiently in an age of data explosion. The latest figures from UK Finance revealed that the Dedicated Card and […]

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