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Research institute praises Oculeus for its innovative fraud solutions

Research institute praises Oculeus for its innovative fraud solutions

Oculeus, a leading provider of innovative OSS/BSS solutions for telecommunications service providers and network operators, has announced that the company has been featured as a leader in the wholesale business software in a new market study from Technology Research Institute (TRI), a market research firm that has been following the telecom industry since 1994.

TRI recently published a comprehensive market study titled, Telecom Wholesale and Enterprise-Serving Networks, Software and Solutions, that studies the impact of greater software control and advances in the telecom backbone, cloud and enterprise-on-demand networks.

In this market study, TRI profiles Oculeus and details the benefits that the company is delivering to its customers by applying automation and Artificial Intelligence in its Captura offering and Oculeus Anti-Fraud System.

“For several years, Oculeus’ Captura suite has been a leading solution for managing wholesale operations,” explained Dan Baker, Research Director at TRI. “But now, given the urgency of the wholesale voice business where profit margins are razor thin and staff levels have been cut, Oculeus is moving Captura to a higher level of business value through AI, with the goal to have Captura fully automate 90% of wholesale executive decision-making through software.”

Oculeus’ Captura solution is used by telecommunications service providers and mobile operators as their main business solution to manage their entire wholesale service operation and includes the functionality to manage routing, price list management, billing, quality monitoring, traffic controlling and more.

“Another enduring telecom business problem is voice toll fraud, especially those dreaded Revenue Share Fraud attacks where fraudsters hijack a PBX machine to make hundreds of fraudulent calls that can end up costing the enterprise thousands,” continued Baker. “Here too, Oculeus is bringing fresh thinking and software tools to the forefront with a first-of-its-kind managed service that gives enterprises automated call-screening and call-blocking for all PBX-originating traffic, which is the biggest voice fraud attack vector by far.”

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System provides an automated framework to efficiently identify and prevent telecom fraud. The solution builds a baseline profile of expected telecommunications activity and continuously monitors all traffic for anomalies and patterns that are typical of fraud. Suspicious traffic that is confirmed to be fraud is immediately blocked before any significant revenue is lost.

“Honestly, in my 24 years of following telecoms software companies, Oculeus stands out as one of the most innovative players we have seen, especially given the breadth of operational problems it solves across the complex B/OSS terrain,” concluded Baker.

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