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Barclays to stress test ReSecure at its Rise Lab facility

ReSec Technologies, developer of innovative enterprise-grade solutions to prevent malware penetration of networks, endpoints, and data centres, announced its ReSecure platform was selected by Barclays, an international banking and financial services provider, for cybersecurity testing in its Rise innovation lab.

The Rise benchmark will test ReSecure’s ability to prevent both known and unknown malware from entering the Barclays network via email. ReSecure is designed to stop cyber threats emanating from content-based malware and uses ReSec’s patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology to deliver threat-free content to end users. This process preserves functionality within the network and provides uninterrupted workflow to users. The ReSecure platform can provide 360-degree prevention for email, web, devices and file transfer content.

“Barclays is a globally trusted brand and we are thrilled to show them the powerful prevention against all threats, which our ReSecure Platform and CDR technology provides,” said Dotan Bar Noy, CEO and Co-founder of ReSec.



Rise was launched by Barclays in 2016 to translate emerging technologies into what could be the future of financial services and tap into the regions hotbed of innovation. Barclays recently added cybersecurity technology testing to Rise, and ReSec is one of the first companies to participate.

As an organisation with a history of technological firsts, Barclays is excited by the transformations currently taking place in finance, technology and business. The product innovations and industry developments that used to come from large corporations and institutions are now being created by entrepreneurial individuals around the world who are working with increased speed to disrupt the business models of the past. In order to work with these entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial way, Barclays established Rise.

Through its global network of connected sites in seven of the world’s top FinTech ecosystems, Rise delivers numerous programmes that facilitate rapid engagement between Barclays and the Rise community in order to solve some of the biggest challenges facing financial services. These programmes foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships, designed to scale early prototypes and new business models into live products and services. By collaborating with Barclays, our members receive advice and mentorship from some of the world’s leading experts in financial services, as well as having access to a new global customer.

With a global network of talent, world-class innovation programmes and workspaces, Rise is a curated community where the best and brightest can develop, collaborate, and scale together.

ReSec Technologies develops innovative enterprise-grade solutions to prevent malware penetration of endpoint devices, networks and data centres. Established in 2012 by military cyber defense experts, ReSec introduced the Content Disarm and Reconstruction platform to overcome the limitations of conventional anti-malware detection and protection methods. ReSec products and solutions are in use by dozens of leading brands across all major industries including finance and banking, manufacturing, telecom, healthcare and the public sector.


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