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Dell EMC launches Cloud Ecosystem Hub to enable cloud transformation and business growth

Dell EMC launches Cloud Ecosystem Hub to enable cloud transformation and business growth

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Eric Velfre, Senior Vice President, Compute and Networking Sales, Dell EMC EMEA

Dell EMC and Intel have today announced a new web-based Cloud Ecosystem Hub. The hub will provide EMEA cloud service providers (SPs) and end users with an online one stop site to unify and simplify access to Dell EMC’s cloud proposition and resources. The hub will connect customers with SPs to help establish stronger marketing efforts, enabling digital transformation and significantly growing long term cloud business.

This new unified platform demonstrates Dell EMC’s commitment to providing choice and unique solutions to every customer and removing obstacles to cloud adoption through hosting an online cloud portal for Dell EMC Technology, making it easier for customers to select the right SP to address their needs. For SPs, the hub will be a platform to launch key initiatives and drive new business through the marketplace. With sales revenues in the hardware market decreasing and much of the cloud market set to transition over to hybrid cloud, it is expected that cloud SPs will acquire a considerably larger market share over the next five years and Dell EMC and Intel will act as key business enablers to all parties.

“As a European leader in the secure management of online documents, Oodrive addresses the needs of the modern business by placing its expertise in security, ergonomics and innovation at the core of each of its solutions,” said Cedric Mermilliod, Co-founder and Managing Director, Oodrive. “We are looking for business partners with the ability to deliver significant business impact and offer comprehensive support to the customer. With its state-of-the-art technologies, Dell EMC is certainly one of the key players and the Cloud Ecosystem Hub will allow us to facilitate new business more effectively whilst preserving the customer intimacy cherished by Oodrive.”

“Historically, vendors have failed to support Service Providers in their campaigns and the Dell EMC Cloud Ecosystem represents a game-changing development for both Service Providers and customers alike,” said Eric Velfre, senior vice president, Compute and Networking Sales, Dell EMC EMEA. “By simplifying access to the Dell EMC cloud value proposition and offering content and support for co-marketing projects, we can generate awareness and enable new capabilities to achieve greater profitability for our partners. Through the Dell EMC Cloud Community we can also drive demand from the customer towards Service Providers and capture feedback to help develop future Dell EMC cloud technologies.”

As a one stop site for enterprise customers, the Cloud Ecosystem Hub promises to help them understand how to transform their businesses, with a dedicated repository of up-to-date resources and assets explaining the value proposition and benefits offered by Dell EMC’s cloud technologies. Customers will be able to select SPs through bespoke searches to find the most relevant solutions for their businesses, with options to contact providers directly through the platform. The Cloud Ecosystem Hub will also allow customers to discover and register for broader industry events organised by SPs and Dell EMC.

The Cloud Ecosystem Hub includes an array of new tools for SPs, including LeadPool demand generation, allowing partners to identify ‘hot’ vendor agnostic leads, along with additional resources to help promote offerings directly to customers.

The platform also provides the latest insights and information around Dell EMC’s and Intel’s cloud technology offerings to help SPs build a stronger portfolio. In addition Dell EMC will allow SPs to run co-marketing campaigns with tools to assist in the creation of marketing assets, campaign building and client and influencer networking, featured within the marketplace.

Co-Marketing support for SPs will include:

Marketing as a service: showcase opportunities for SPs to create their own marketing assets and demand generation campaigns.
Campaign Builder: SP users will be able to access new asset types specific to their businesses. Partners can click through to campaign builder to generate their own co-branded assets.
Everyone Social: users will be able to access Everyone Social from the hub, allowing partners to generate their own login based on Dell EMC inputs.
LeadPool: SPs will be able to access the lead platform from the hub, with options to request coins allocation and instructions on how to access and operate leads.

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