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CA Southern Africa and Veracode enable secure software development

CA Southern Africa and Veracode enable secure software development

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CA Southern Africa has announced that the completion of CA Technologies acquisition of Veracode, a leader in securing web, mobile and third party applications across the software development life cycle, has added to its growing security and DevOps portfolio, making them a leader in DevSecOps.

The combination of CA’s portfolio with Veracode will establish CA Technologies as a leader in the secure DevOps market through the automation and scaling of application security testing (AST) to develop and deploy applications faster with fewer defects. By integrating security into the software development life cycle, CA Veracode will help developers create high-quality, secure code. With Veracode, CA Technologies bridges its security business with its broad DevOps portfolio and adds to its growing SaaS business. Veracode extends CA’s go-to-market strategy into midsize enterprise customers while CA accelerates Veracode’s global reach into larger enterprise customers.

“Security testing is growing faster than any other security market, as AST solutions adapt to new development methodologies and increased application complexity. Security and risk management leaders must integrate AST into their application security programmes.” Increased deployment of web and cloud-based business applications has further propelled the market growth. “By 2019, more than 50% of enterprise DevOps initiatives will have incorporated application security testing for custom code, up from less than 10% in 2016.”

“Software is at the heart of every company’s digital transformation. Therefore, it’s increasingly important for them to integrate security at the start of their development processes, so they can respond to market opportunities in a secure manner,” says Gary Lawrence, Managing Director, CA Southern Africa. “This acquisition will unify CA’s security and DevOps portfolios with a SaaS-based platform that seamlessly integrates security into the software development process. Looking holistically at our portfolio, now with Veracode, we have accelerated the growth profile of our broad set of solutions. We now expect that the size of our growing solutions within our enterprise solutions portfolio will eclipse the more mature part of the enterprise solutions portfolio in FY19.”

The ability to deliver identity and access management, DevOps tools and automation capabilities with SaaS-based application security, allows CA to offer enterprises of all sizes a faster time-to-value from their software investments.

Digital transformation requires an integrated and agile approach to security. Code-vulnerability risk is mitigated and time spent identifying and fixing security issues in production is reduced when security testing is shifted earlier into the application development process. According to data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “It’s 30x more expensive to fix a vulnerability during post-production than during the design, requirement identification and architecture stage.”

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