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Virtual Reality Zones to transform theme park experience in Africa

Virtual Reality Zones to transform theme park experience in Africa

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Virtual Reality is set to invade your favourite theme park.

Technology in the contemporary works has amassed heights only seemed possible in the motion pictures. But now, theme park enthusiasts strapped with VR paraphernalia will enter worlds that were literally impossible to recreate. Africa’s population is set to grow to 2.3 billion by 2050 and, in contrast to the rest of the world, however, its booming population is getting younger.

“Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers, geeks and technophiles,” said Sharif Rahman, CEO of International Expo Consults (IEC).

“Globally, the number of theme parks adopting VR technology as part of their offerings to increase attendance is rising. While VR tech is still unfamiliar to most of the stakeholders in this industry, the paradigm shift is inevitable.”

VR and associated concepts of augmented reality and modified reality have gone beyond just the headset. With the utilisation of haptic feedback suits and laser aiming controllers in the middle of a physical location, a user can experience a fully immersive experience. Such VR parks in Africa can attract people around the African region and the VR concept is fast catching up within the other countries.

“Virtual reality (VR) has been widely spoken about as the next big thing in the industry,” added Prakash Vivekanand, Managing Director, Amusement Services International LLC.

“In addition to VR, arcade games and simulators will still attract consumers. We have few new adventure and escape concepts that we are showcasing at DEAL 2018. These concepts will bring in another level of family engagement.”

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