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Modernising the Angolan Government agency voter ID programme

Modernising the Angolan Government agency voter ID programme

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The Angolan government agency in the Sub-Saharan Africa region was seeking to upgrade its voter ID system.

With forthcoming elections in Q3 2017, it was aiming to increase the number of citizens eligible to vote by issuing voter IDs in a short time frame.

The Challenge

The Angolan government agency was looking to upgrade its existing voter ID printing system to a new solution that reduced costs significantly by providing mobility and streamlining operational processes.

Key selection criteria included:

  • Faster throughput secure issuance printer solution that could issue voter IDs in a small amount of time
  • Deploy a decentralised secure issuance solution to increase number of citizens enrolled
  • Increased levels of convenience by implementing a Wi-Fi based secure issuance printing solution
  • Improve reliability of printing solution
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use portable solution for collecting citizens’ data and issuing voter IDs for citizens residing in remote areas that were difficult to reach by road
  • High levels of security to combat fraud and minimise the number of counterfeit voter IDs

The Angolan government agency selected HID Global based on the company’s ability to deliver on these stringent requirements and its best-in-class secure issuance solutions

The Solution HID Global closely collaborated with Sinfic, a regional technology expert and system integrator to develop a mobile printing solution that was Wi-Fi enabled. Sinfic created a voter ID app based on an android operating system for tablets. HID Global provided Sinfic with the necessary tools and techniques to further enable the voter ID app to issue voter IDs in a quick, simple and cost-effective manner.

This was based on a driverless printer solution by leveraging HID Global’s SWIFT ID Embedded Badging Application (EBA) that could be integrated into the voter ID app. It allowed Sinfic to develop a new customised firmware to embed the EBA and accept HID FARGO® DTC5500LMX ID card printer consumables. Further, HID Global provided a library of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the voter ID android app to be programmed with a Wi-Fi communication channel that synchronised with HID FARGO DTC5500LMX ID card printers. The Wi-Fi interface between the tablet and the printer allowed for quick and seamless printing of voter IDs. Voter IDs were printed using HID FARGO DTC5500LMX ID card printers stationed in municipalities or communes across Angola. In addition, HID Global also provided the Angolan government agency with wasteless lamination consumables and customised holographic laminates.

“HID Global supported us very comprehensively in multiple ways during the rollout of the Angolan government agency voter ID program right from developing a Wi-FI enabled customised printing solution for our voter ID app to providing a hands-on technical and professional services team during the issuance of voter IDs,” said Rui Pereira, International Business Manager with Sinfic.

In Q4 2016, the Government agency region rolled out the voter ID programme in over 200 municipalities, townships and cities, whereby IDs were issued using HID Global’s FARGO DTC5500LMX ID card printers. This is the world’s first Green Circle® certified wasteless lamination printer with 60% savings in energy consumption. HID Global provided approximately 600 FARGO DTC5500LMX ID card printers via its local distributor BlueStar.


Deploying a decentralised wireless printing solution has resulted in 4.5 million citizen voter IDs issued within a very short time period of six months.
Key benefits include printing voter IDs at the centres itself without having to connect with the Angolan Government agency’s centralised database via satellite or broadband communications that was an expensive and cumbersome process. The tablet based solution is convenient, lightweight and portable allowing Angola’s government employees to reach remote areas they couldn’t before. For example, they can now travel by motorbike to collect citizen data for voter ID issuance that was not possible to reach by cars previously due to poor road infrastructure.

In modern cities, such as Luanda, citizens are able to visit designated centres to have voter IDs issued instantly.
Further, using tablets instead of laptops has also resulted in significant cost savings and more efficient operational processes. HID Global provided Sinfic with a team of technical and professional services staff so that they were available first-hand to train and guide Angolan government employees on how to use the printers efficiently.

HID Global’s wasteless lamination printers also resulted in significantly reducing printing costs with savings of up to 40% in total cost of ownership.

It has provided higher security levels and improved tamper proof capabilities. In addition, the custom holographic laminate for voter ID cards offers high level overt security and prolongs the life of the card especially in the rugged environment of Sub-Saharan Africa.
“We are proud to present the HID FARGO DTC5500LMX ID card printer that was able to provide citizens with voter IDs quickly, securely and conveniently. HID FARGO printer solutions are cost-effective, easy-to-use and have extended our outreach to remote parts of Angola to provide citizens with voter IDs,” said Christophe Malgorn,  Regional Sales Director, Secure Issuance, EMEA.


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