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ManageEngine expert: ‘Tools are vital for performance optimisation’

ManageEngine expert: ‘Tools are vital for performance optimisation’

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Sridhar Ivengar, Vice President of ManageEngine, says it is vital that companies have the tools in place when it comes to performance optimisation.

ManageEngine, an operating division of Zoho Corporation, has more than 90 products and free tools that help cover everything that IT needs.

This can be anything from network and device management to security and service desk software, ensuring that the company is bringing IT together for an integrated, overarching approach to optimising IT.

“One of the first set of products we put out for network and infrastructure monitoring, called OptManager and we have since expanded beyond network,” said Ivengar.

“We are able to monitor the performance of your network and it’s not just your band network – you can also monitor your bandwidth and how it is optimally used by different applications.

“If a user running a non-business application is consuming the bandwidth which is causing the network to be very slow, that company would want to know upfront so you can give it low priority so your business-typical applications take higher priority.

“We also have a product called NetFlow Analyzer that can monitor your network bandwidth and the traffic that is coming into your network.

“If you are a bank and are offering Internet banking and some financial services that your customers use, you would like to know that IT applications are performing optimally before the customer logs in and finds an issue.  In terms of bringing together all the different parameters, we can group them, so we can identify what the problem is and it is easier to understand what the impact of the problem is. You can therefore be proactive about this so the IT administrator knows the problem before the customer logs in and uses these services

“In the cricket-loving parts of the world, when there is a match, people follow it, just like a football match, by using streaming applications. That has an impact on your bandwidth and the applications slow down because people are using them for their personal need.

“One of our customers used our product to identify the specific IP address or the user who was running these applications and they were able to quarantine them or put it on a low priority track so it did not impact the corporate network. This is an example of how a customer used our product to ensure their networks did not slow down.

“When it comes to performance optimisation, one thing that everybody needs is tools, like performance monitoring tools or bandwidth monitoring tools.

“It’s not just about network performance, it’s about all the components about the entire business, like the servers, applications and devices. And in today’s world, a lot of people are running their applications on the cloud so monitoring extends to that as well.

“If you are a business that is running its applications on a public cloud infrastructure, like Amazon or Microsoft, we have tools that can monitor performance of these applications.

“The key is to have all these different tools in place that gives you visibility.

“It’s about the customer experience and if the application can react quickly and is always available to provide the service.”

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