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Genetec expert on the expected increase in ransomware

Genetec expert on the expected increase in ransomware

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What can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyberextortion tools?

By Firas Jadalla, Regional Director, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Genetec Inc.

Physical security systems and devices, including cameras and door controllers, are smarter and more powerful than ever before. As part of both public and private networks, they are increasingly interconnected to facilitate their management, speed up communications, increase data sharing and, most importantly, empower security professionals to keep people and organisations safe.

But while citizens and organisations benefit from this growing connectivity of security, emerging cyberthreats, hazards and other criminal activities can lead to new vulnerabilities and risks.

A less than secure camera or unprotected communications between a server and client application is all a cybercriminal needs to launch an attack. Given the potential vulnerabilities and the cybercriminals’ penchant for these weak spots, we at Genetec believe that it just makes sense to have a security strategy in place that protects against both physical and cyberthreats.

Our security-of-security strategy incorporates multiple and varied lines of defence, including encryption, multi-layer authentication and authorisation. This comprehensive approach requires that every device captures data and moves it to a unified security system for management, analysis and storage with strong encryption that is accessible only to authenticated and authorised end-users.

At Genetec, we have been looking closely at the safety of physical security systems and how to effectively protect communications, servers and data.

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