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Siemens wins Digital Solutions of the Year Award at Africa Utility Week

Siemens wins Digital Solutions of the Year Award at Africa Utility Week

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Siemens has won the Digital Solutions of the Year Award for its South Africa headquarters microgrid project at the Africa Utility Week Industry Awards that took place in Cape Town.

The traditional power grid provides reliable power most of the time, but when natural disasters or security breaches threaten the grid, the ensuring blackouts can be catastrophic and costly.

It is for this reason that organisations and utilities are working together to build resilient, flexible power systems called microgrids. Operating either as part of traditional grid or independently (or both), microgrids are revolutionising the way we manage our energy resources.

A microgrid is a scaled-down version of the centralised power system and can generate, distribute and control power in a campus setting or small community.

  • They are reliable and flexible
  • They are resilient
  • They more secure
  • They save money
  • They store and incorporate renewable energy

Siemens provides a comprehensive portfolio of products solutions and services to help build and operate microgrids of any size. It supplies generation and distribution of electrical energy, as well as monitoring and controlling of microgrids.

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