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Citrix Workspace app provided by Troye offers ‘a secure experience’

Citrix Workspace app provided by Troye offers ‘a secure experience’

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Troye has announced the new Citrix Workspace app that provide a secure and unified experience for all apps, content and devices for IT and users.

By providing a new, streamlined experience, Citrix Workspace delivers consistency across all devices. It is a transformative product that improves working effectiveness and raises employee engagement and productivity.

“With Citrix, we help organisations on their Digital Transformation journey,” said Troye Managing Director Helen Kruger.

“We have shown previews of how we build smart collaboration spaces and how we help our customers secure their digital perimeters. From the outset, our goal has been to simplify and fuel the Digital Transformation by removing technological barriers between the digital and physical realms.”

The new Citrix Workspace app incorporates over 25 years of Citrix Receiver technology and expands on those investments to deliver a comprehensive workspace experience, including access to SaaS, web, mobile, Windows and Linux apps, desktops and files to provide a comprehensive workspace experience from any device.

Kurt Goodall, Troye Technical Director, points to Citrix Analytics as an essential pillar of Citrix Workspace.

“It provides predictive and prescriptive insights spanning all apps, data, devices and network,” said Goodall.

“Citrix Analytics applies machine learning to data across network traffic, users, files, and endpoints to identify and act on malicious user behaviour and app performance anomalies.”

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