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Software and the treadmill of continuous improvement

Software and the treadmill of continuous improvement

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The EOH consolidated results for the previous financial year reveal key information about growth in the Information Technology (IT) industry. According to its reports, the technology service provider noted particular growth drivers within its industry. Not surprisingly, among these are Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics; all a core focus of South Africa Qlik Master Reseller (SAQMR), an EOH Company.

The development of solutions that amplify human intelligence has begun to take greater market share, according to James Hickman, SAQMR Managing Director.

“SAQMR has experienced exponential growth in the 2018 financial year,” he said.

“We are growing phenomenally in a market that is building momentum. Having achieved year-on-year growth in excess of 80%, the company has recorded its best performance since inception.

Eloise Bowen, Executive: Marketing & New Business Development, SAQMR, added: “A particular highlight for 2018 was that we proudly received the Master Reseller of the Year Award at Qlik’s Qonnections Conference in Orlando. Following that, we successfully hosted the African Qlik Sense Tour over eight weeks, across 12 cities in eight countries. This culminated in the spectacular Southern Africa Qlik Summit held in Sandton, which attracted over 1, 000 delegates.”

Hickman believes Industry 4.0 is playing a major role in the market because everything is connected, everything is generating data, and everyone wants insights.

“This is driving the data explosion, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data,” he said.

“In order to take advantage of this, companies need to ensure their people are equipped to deal with this new world. We are assisting our customers in this journey, as we invest heavily in our Data Literacy programme.”

The programme features a dedicated division focused on working with customers to build critical data literacy skills and secure a competitive advantage.

“With some exciting opportunities on the horizon, we’ve set ourselves very ambitious growth targets for the next financial year,” said Hickman.

“We’ll focus on continually delivering value to our customers, helping them find actionable insights to uncover opportunities and drive down costs. In addition, we will push forward with our African expansion and continued focus on our partner network.”


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