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Lancet Laboratories chooses Netlims’ LabOS product to replace its LIS

Lancet Laboratories chooses Netlims’ LabOS product to replace its LIS

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Netlims, a global leader in Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), has announced that it has been selected to implement its flagship LabOS product across the African continent for Lancet Laboratories, a major African laboratory.

LabOS will support an extensive range of services, such as clinical laboratories, microbiology, anatomic pathology and genetic services, and will serve a broad team of technicians, physicians, veterinarians, and patients. The system will be implemented in more than 500 service centres and 150 laboratories and hospitals (including five large regional reference labs), deployment has begun at several sites.

The scattered landscape and sometimes fraught infrastructure in certain areas of Africa, combined with stringent regulations, makes Africa a particularly challenging market for a LIS provider. LabOS will help Lancet continue to adhere to international diagnostic criteria such as ISO, and national regulatory requirements such as SANAS.

“Lancet processes in excess of 2.5 million tests each month and growing, there are very few LIS products with the capacity and scale to accommodate a system as complex as ours,” said John Sole, IT Director, Lancet.

“After surveying the sites of several top LIS providers, Netlims was the only provider whose customers demonstrated the diverse functionality, flexibility, and longevity needed to satisfy our diverse stakeholders.”


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