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Fortinet expert on what certified data centre professionals can provide

Fortinet expert on what certified data centre professionals can provide

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Submission by Doros Hadjizenonos, Regional Sales Director at Security Specialist Fortinet

In this digital technology era, cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things) have become popular, meeting not only data storage but also business computing needs. Business solutions are getting smarter, with cloud computing and IoT services coming to the market to make work more efficient and easy. It is understandable to see businesses gaining interest in utilising these powerful solutions.

When it comes to making company work more efficient, cloud computing offers great benefits. Documents and data can be accessed via the Internet from any location, at any time, allowing employees to work abroad or local. Many enterprise level cloud storage providers offer tools that will allow workers to collaborate on a project or documents, saving time and endless email revisions. Managers can also monitor work using the same tools, thereby increasing production.

Before running out and outsource a provider or creating your data storage solution, administrators need to consider cost, reliability, security, and location of your data. By taking time to weigh the risks and benefits of cloud storage solutions, companies can find a service or product that will work best for them. Trusting a third-party with sensitive data is a big risk, especially when you do not have your own certified data centre professional to monitor the service. This is not something that should be taken lightly and all of the risks should be understood prior to purchasing or creating a data storage solution.

Therefore your organisation must have its own certified data centre professionals who will make sure:

  • Your data storage solution will satisfy your business needs
  • They understand your data storage solution’s bandwidth limitations
  • They understand data centre redundancy issues
  • The solution will have good security measures to protect your sensitive data
  • Your data storage solution has a reliable network uptime and dependable power supply
  • Service provider’s customer support and in-house maintenance are clearly understood
  • The service provider has a good reputation in the ICT industry
  • The solution is compliant with industrial regulations
  • They visit the location of cloud storage providers’ physical servers and understand the solution before committing to anything
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