SBV Services stops millions of attacks thanks to Trend Micro

SBV Services stops millions of attacks thanks to Trend Micro

SBV Services has stopped millions of cyberattacks thanks to Trend Micro

SBV Services stops millions of attacks while protecting cash in transit, employees, and data with Trend Micro.


SBV Services is a leading provider of customised cash services and solutions to reserve and commercial banks, ATMs, and retail environments. Founded in South Africa in 1986, SBV recently expanded its footprint into other African countries and is currently operating in Namibia and Lesotho. The company operates 43 cash centres, a fleet of more than 800 state-of-the-art armoured vehicles, and employs 7,000 people. As cash is collected from banks and other organisations, SBV moves it to a secure cash centre where it is validated, sorted, and stored or redistributed. To support the company’s operations, its IT environment includes Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers, Linux, Fortigate, Microsoft Office 365, and private and hybrid clouds supported by three data centres.


Moving large amounts of cash using public roads makes SBV vehicles and employees targets for criminals. In order to safeguard those employees from physical attacks, SBV provides body armour, weapons, and uses body-worn cameras and scanners that constantly feed data back to SBV, where it is collected, analysed, and securely stored.

Equally important is the safety and security of SBV’s network. If criminals gain access to the company’s logistical systems and risk-mitigating processes, they can use that information to attempt a robbery. To reduce these risks and ensure the safety of its personnel, clients, and the public, SBV is rigorous about protecting its systems and data from cyberattacks.

Why Trend Micro

After reviewing solutions from several major security vendors in 2013, SBV chose Trend Micro OfficeScan for its endpoint protection and Trend Micro Control Manager to simplify security management. In 2016, SBV decided to try another vendor’s security solution and quickly realised a mistake was made when it was attacked by a virus.

“When the virus hit, and our cash centres went offline, it seriously impacted our ability to transact,” said Ian Keller, Chief Security Officer at SBV Services.

“We knew we were in serious trouble.”

SBV reached out to Trend Micro, and a team of 10 people immediately went on site to work shoulder-to-shoulder with SBV’s IT specialists to solve the issue. As a result, SBV re-engaged with Trend Micro and never looked back.

“It was phenomenal to see the camaraderie between the teams,” added Keller.

“Trend Micro proved their technology is effective and the people behind it are absolutely fantastic.”


To expand the protection of its vital IT systems and employees, SBV chose Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete, to protect 3,500 endpoints.

“Implementing Smart Protection Complete was a no-brainer — the solution covers all of our basic security needs,” said Keller.

Smart Protection Complete integrates security across protection layers with flexible cloud deployment, simplified licensing, and central management for network-wide visibility and control of threats and data.

SBV appreciates all of the components in the suite but was particularly impressed with how Trend Micro Mobile Security helps protect both employees and the company.

“Mobile Security is used to manage and encrypt all of our employee’s smartphones and tablets on the network, so even if a device is stolen, the data is locked,” said Keller.

In addition to endpoint security, SBV added Trend Micro Deep Security to protect their data centres. Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector was also added to deliver visibility into all aspects of targeted attacks, advanced threats, and ransomware.


With the combination of Trend Micro solutions defending endpoints and devices, data centres, and the network, SBV has implemented connected security across its entire IT environment.

“Since deploying Trend Micro, we’ve recorded millions of attacks, stopped 117,000 threats in one day, and had zero infections in 18 months,” said Keller.

“Trend Micro is always working, even while I’m sleeping.” said Keller.

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector uses known and unknown patterns and reputation analysis to detect the latest ransomware attacks. The customised sandbox detects mass file modifications, encryption behaviour, and modifications, to backup and restore processes.

“You really need Deep Discovery Inspector to detect attacks, fix the problems, and keep them from occurring again,” added Keller.

In addition to great technology, Keller and his team are pleased with Trend Micro support.

“Trend Micro is second to none. When we have an issue, they are always there to work with our team until the problem is resolved,” said Keller.

“It was phenomenal to see the camaraderie between the teams. Trend Micro proved their technology is great and the people behind it are absolutely fantastic—they have no competition.”

What’s next?

Keeping South Africa’s cash moving securely, while ensuring the safety of employees and the public, requires SBV to maintain the highest security and prepare for the next generation of cyber threats.

“We’re considering Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer and Managed Detection Response to stop new and advanced persistent threats,” explained Keller.

“We look forward to opportunities to collaborate with Trend Micro in the future.”


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