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Boosting cost savings and efficiency via mobile and SD-WAN services

Boosting cost savings and efficiency via mobile and SD-WAN services

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Rentokil Initial operates in South Africa under the brands Rentokil, Initial and Ambius, providing pest control, hygiene and interior landscaping services throughout the country.

Rentokil has been offering effective pest control services since the brand’s founding in 1927 in the UK. As one of the first professional pest control operators in South Africa, Rentokil has been shaping and developing the South African market industry since 1967.

The implementation of a host of services from Saicom has provided significant performance improvements and cost savings of over 20% to business services specialist Rentokil Initial in its sub-Saharan region.

Rentokil Initial currently contracts Saicom for a multitude of services, including connectivity, hosting, Hosted PBX, and most importantly, an APN service which has revolutionised the way that Rentokil Initial handles its mobile user base. The pilot project was around an SD-WAN rollout, allowing Rentokil Initial to connect more efficiently with its branches in Africa where connectivity and bandwidth costs are problematic.

The company wanted to connect its branches and mobile workforce through a cloudbased PBX system, that could navigate the many connectivity issues in its branches. As a leading partner of VeloCloud, Saicom was able to work with Rentokil Initial’s local and global teams to offer a converged voice and data solution over VeloCloud’s SD-WAN platform. With SD-WAN links available from Saicom, Rentokil Initial was able to monitor its data connectivity to use the most appropriate and efficient paths, and switch as they need to.

This has lead to increased network uptime and improved mobile communications. Saicom.Connect is an APN solution which allows the customer to monitor and manage mobile data. Once linked via the APN to the Saicom.Connect platform, the platform allows for the organisation to then monitor and allocate data per user.

If a user is consuming data at a high rate, the business can drill down into the usage and see what they are using the data for and analyse whether it is for business-critical applications.

“The APN provides a seamless connection to our network, allows us to control the data we use, and very importantly, has saved us a considerable amount of money,” said Tashwill Carelse, IT Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Rentokil Initial.

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