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Security summit aims to strengthen firms’ cyber resilience

Security summit aims to strengthen firms’ cyber resilience

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In an increasingly connected, digital world, cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and increasing in number and sophistication. Security professionals need to be up to speed with the latest technologies, techniques and skills for predicting and mitigating potentially crippling cyber attacks, the methods and tools in use by today’s threat actors, and the latest legal and compliance demands.

The ITWeb Security Summit 2019, now in its 14th year, will bring together leading international and local industry experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers, demystifyingĀ  emerging cybersecurity strategies in AI, Blockchain, IoT, DevSecOps and more, and explain how to increase an organisation’s cyber resiliency.

One company that will be showcasing its managed enterprise-grade security, is J2 Software.

John McLoughlin, CEO of J2 Software, says the Internet is full of online threats.

“Don’t become a victim of online security threats, take the simple step to secure all Internet traffic with J2 Home Secure and J2 Home Secure,” said McLoughlin.

“Protect yourself, your business and your people whenever you are online. Also, do not let your lack of security resources limit your ability to secure your business.”

J2 Home Secure and J2 SME Secure provide end point protection, Internet security and protection for up to R100, 000 in the event of online fraud and theft. They also offer protection against EFT fraud including transfer of funds to third parties where the details of the payee have been manipulated; transactions where a payee’s identity is stolen, falsified and fraudulently altered.

“In an online world it is becoming more difficult to identify what is safe and what is trying to steal your information or rip you off online. We all know of people who have been victims. The modern SME relies on the Internet to do business and to remain competitive in a hyper connected world.”

The ITWeb Security Summit takes place in Cape Town and Johannesburg, starting on May 23.

More details can be found here.

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