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The Digital Big Bang book to be released

Everything in our cyber universe is centered around the core elements of speed and connectivity, like the cosmic universe is centered around matter, gravity, and time.

The Digital Big Bang explores approaching cybersecurity like science. Like the scientists of centuries ago who led the search for knowledge about the cosmic big bang, space and the science behind it, the book – which is due to be released on September 11 – includes thoughtful observations, hypothesis and conclusions on cyberspace and the ‘digital’ big bang from today’s cybersecurity leaders.

Co-author Phil Quade is the Chief Information Security Officer for Fortinet and previously served as the National Security Agency Director’s Special Assistant for Cyber and Chief of the NSA Cyber Task Force, responsible for the White House relationship in cyber.

More than 30 of the most accomplished leaders in the cybersecurity field join Quade to share their knowledge and experience working on the front lines in the changing world of digital transformation.

The book is aimed at business leaders who want to evaluate and strengthen their security strategy, consumers who wants to understand their own cyber world, and students who will become the next innovators and workforce in the cybersecurity industry.

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