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Netlify acquires FeaturePeek

Netlify acquires FeaturePeek

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Collaborative web development vendor Netlify, has acquired FeaturePeek – a Y Combinator and Matrix Partners-backed start-up that enables developer teams to preview frontend content. Through this acquisition, Netlify has added FeaturePeek’s developer collaboration product as a core capability in the next generation of Netlify Deploy Previews.

Available in the market, Deploy Previews make it easy for developers to gather feedback with their web teams, including internal and external business stakeholders, product managers, designers and marketers. Teams share URLs to review a preview of the website or web application and can leave contextual feedback directly on a UI that overlays the site.

FeaturePeek was founded in 2019 by Eric Silverman and Jason Barry, with investors including Y Combinator (YC) and Matrix Partners. In addition to acquiring the technology, the FeaturePeek team has joined Netlify.

Matt Biilmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Netlify, said: “We are delighted to bring FeaturePeek on board and launch collaborative Deploy Previews, cementing Netlify’s commitment to developers building the future of the web, and to the teams they work with. Now, through FeaturePeek, we’re lowering the barrier to collaborate iteratively right where the project is happening, resulting in better user experiences. This marks the next era for Netlify, bringing the Jamstack benefits to life in a new way for teams.”

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