Nairobi-based Workpay Technologies spreads wings to Nigeria for core HR, payroll services

Nairobi-based Workpay Technologies spreads wings to Nigeria for core HR, payroll services

Founded in 2019, Workpay allows SMEs to easily manage and pay their employees from anywhere in Africa. Through a web portal and mobile self-service app, people can track time, process a locally compliant payroll and pay their employees.

The start-up has taken part in a host of accelerators in the last couple of years including Y combinator, Google accelerator and Pangea accelerator.

So far the company has more than 300 active clients and processes US$2.5 million in monthly payroll disbursements to banks and mobile wallets.

“It is assuring to support companies like Flutterwave, Paystack and Yoco to name a few, in their growth endeavours towards conquering the continent. I am confident that what we are building resonates with the pains of companies of different nature and continuously meets their needs as they grow,” said Paul Kimani, CEO and Co-Founder, Workpay Technologies. “We believe Nigeria will be the key to unlocking immense potential for wide adoption, not only in West Africa but throughout Africa. Our solution cuts across similar sets of challenges we have seen in the Eastern hemisphere of the continent, therefore this is a chance to go big by all means legally-possible.”

Workpay received US$2.1 million last year in seed funding to fully accelerate its expansion to other markets, beginning with Nigeria. The company is currently in the process of doing a Series A.

“In the next few months, we will be progressively growing the team in Nigeria in various roles in business, customer support and others,” Kimani said. “The platform is constantly improving and a few weeks ago, we totally revamped our user interface for a better experience for our customers in terms of navigation, user journey, new features and an overly a nicer look. This has been done based on constant client feedback ensuring their pain points are fully considered.”

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