Converting plastic waste into a useful healthcare and education platform

Converting plastic waste into a useful healthcare and education platform

The Community Tablet is an innovative mobile digital infrastructure that has been used as an e-school and e-healthcare platform in Africa for the past six years. Built and developed in Mozambique by a young Mozambican team, the Community Tablet played a vital role during the pandemic as everyone saw a need to access the Internet and connect with the virtual world. In 2020, a cold chain compartment feature was introduced in the Community Tablet to fully engage in vaccination programmes using an “all-in-one model”, which includes awareness campaigns, digital citizenship database registrations, online medical consultations, vaccine management and logistics.

“Plastic waste normally bound for landfill sites is now being repurposed to provide critical healthcare solutions and educate the nation,”– said Dayn Amade CEO and Inventor, Community Tablet.

After a few months of research, Amade and his team have taken a further innovative step forward to refine their contribution to the circular economy by now adopting recycled plastic as the new raw material to manufacture the Community Tablet.

“As we transition out of the pandemic, the Community Tablet continues to operate in remote areas with a lack of infrastructure and electricity – cutting the need for locals to walk long distances to access basic services and routine activities in the education and healthcare sectors,” he said.

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