RiseUp with ServiceNow programme to skill 1 million people by 2024

RiseUp with ServiceNow programme to skill 1 million people by 2024

ServiceNow has announced RiseUp with ServiceNow, a global programme designed to skill one million people on the company’s platform by 2024.

The programme will fuel a new economy of in-demand, job-ready talent with an emphasis on faster, more equitable career paths in the high-growth ServiceNow ecosystem.

According to IDC, 90% of organisations will experience a Digital Transformation-related IT skills shortage by 2025, costing more than US$6.5 trillion globally due to delayed product releases, reduced customer satisfaction and loss of business.

As business leaders double down on a select number of powerful platforms that deliver fast time to value, ServiceNow’s reach and scale offer customers, partners and prospective talent the opportunity to help tackle some of the biggest problems facing business leaders today. Unlike other workflow solutions that only address one business function or industry, the Now Platform spans the entire enterprise, offering opportunities in burgeoning new sectors such as data analysis, platform development, workflow and experience design.

“Digital Transformation requires a talent transformation, so ServiceNow is creating a new kind of career path,” said Lara Caimi, ServiceNow Chief Customer and Partner Officer. “Instead of focusing on the skills gap, we believe it’s time to focus on the opportunity gap and broaden the definition of tech talent, so more people can benefit from the demand for Digital Transformation. We’re creating new opportunities for both technical and non-technical talent, to help more people advance into higher-paying roles across our ecosystem, regardless of their background. RiseUp with ServiceNow will empower people to build meaningful careers and enable customers and partners to find much-needed talent so they can thrive in the digital economy.”

RiseUp with ServiceNow expands what it means to be considered tech talent by emphasising whole-person competencies and ‘power skills’ such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication and creativity. The programme builds toward a more diverse, inclusive workforce by creating meaningful opportunities for candidates to gain the skills necessary to land highly coveted technical roles.

Mark Ackerman, Area VP for Middle East and Africa at ServiceNow

“We live in a region where government programmes such as the UAE’s National Program for Coders are driving the development of digital skills and laying the groundwork for private sector enterprises to do their part in bridging talent gaps,” said Mark Ackerman, Area VP for Middle East and Africa at ServiceNow. “But being ‘job-ready’ requires more than just having the right technical skills. Soft skills and purpose driven value is what will matter to candidates and employers. RiseUp with ServiceNow will ensure that young people can develop their ‘whole selves.”

“In fact, according to a 2021 Impact Study by IDC, Certified ServiceNow professionals are 38% more productive and 30% more influential. In the era of Digital Transformation, RiseUp with ServiceNow will provide a foundation for young people to become skilled and valuable contributors in the digital economy.”

RiseUp with ServiceNow focuses on three pillars:

Lowering barriers to learning

Expanding opportunities for tech talent

Placing newly skilled talent in jobs

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