<strong>Panduit to expand OneMode capabilities on multimode fibre</strong>

Panduit to expand OneMode capabilities on multimode fibre

Panduit has extended the fibre capabilities of OneMode – its 1U rack-mounted device that offers a passive media converter to leverage legacy multimode fibre backbone and significantly increases bandwidth across fibre infrastructures. OneMode extends data reach out to 800m and up to 5000m, using a second device. The technology offers an inexpensive, quick-to-deploy solution to upgrading campus networks.

OneMode has been developed in partnership with Cailabs, a French Deep Tech company and a leader in light-beam shaping. Panduit has the global rights to integrate Cailabs technology within the innovative OneMode product portfolio. This far-reaching agreement includes exclusive use of the technology for the education market. 

Utilising Cailabs’ technology, OneMode shapes the laser light to become the dominant fundamental mode and the cable behaves as if it is single mode fibre. This eliminates modal and chromatic dispersion providing the capability for 100x data speeds and the extended cable runs. Panduit has demonstrated the capability of 100Gbps up to 500m on multimode fibre, with zero signal degradation.

OneMode offers multiple benefits to markets such as education, healthcare, enterprise, industrial and other campus-based markets due to the capability to use installed cabling rather than ‘rip and replace’ to supplant the old cable with new fibre infrastructure.

The global shortage of fibre optic cables – especially in Europe, Asia and China – has led to delays and price increases to almost doubled in 16 months. As technology demands across campus infrastructure expand to support more connected devices and run more cloud services, the bandwidth limitations of multimode fibre installations become the barriers to efficiency and new technology uptake. 

Panduit’s OneMode devices can be installed in half the time that ‘rip and replace’ requires. The device is simple to install, with access to the telecoms closet and does not disrupt the network regardless of the topology during deployment. This technology provides a flexible and affordable solution to reduce the investment in upgrading multimode cabling infrastructure. OneMode can support the evolution of network traffic, without long, complex and expensive new cable deployment.

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