MTN deploys EXFO Solution in 14 African countries for improved operations 

MTN deploys EXFO Solution in 14 African countries for improved operations 

EXFO’s Context topology proves an asset to MTN operators to streamline network management and improve inventory data quality

MTN Group, Africa’s largest mobile network operator, has deployed EXFO’s Context dynamic topology solution in 14 countries as part of their digital transformation initiative. EXFO, the communications industry’s test, monitoring and analytics experts, announced that MTN Group has successfully deployed EXFO’s Context dynamic topology solution in 14 African countries as part of MTN’s digital transformation initiative, targeting improved network inventory, security, and performance functions. MTN is Africa’s largest mobile network operator, providing voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and API services to more than 270 million customers in 19 markets.

MTN operators across Africa, including early adopters MTN Uganda and South Africa, report simplified network management and improved visibility of telecom assets using EXFO’s solution, helping them deliver top-quality services to their customers. With EXFO Context, MTN’s network management is streamlined, improving inventory data quality and making planning and assurance processes more robust.

Digital transformation of the network is a top priority for MTN and rolling out EXFO’s solution will accelerate innovation and support the adoption of new technologies. EXFO Context has enabled MTN operators to gain visibility of their end-to-end networks across all vendors and technology layers, providing a single, accurate, and up-to-date view.

This is particularly important at a time when delivering reliable service performance is made more difficult by the increased complexity of the network and related service assurance processes. The introduction of new technologies such as 5G, network virtualization, and programmable networking contribute to greater complexity, increasing the need for better end-to-end visibility.

Leveraging EXFO’s automated updates, change audit, and service impact analysis capabilities, MTN operators can quickly grasp the state of their network, assess the impact of faults or planned maintenance activity, and understand whether detected changes have received the necessary approval from a change management process perspective.

EXFO Context uses native graph database technology and a semantic modelling framework to deliver the end-to-end dynamic view of networks, services, and customer dependencies enabling key automation use cases. Automation relieves pressure on network managers, providing them with the right information at the right time to make informed decisions.

EXFO develops smarter test, monitoring and analytics solutions for the global communications industry. We are trusted advisers to fixed and mobile network operators, hyper-scalers and leaders in the manufacturing, development and research sector. They count on us to deliver superior visibility and insights into network performance, service reliability and user experience. Building on over 35 years of innovation, EXFO’s unique blend of equipment, software and services enable faster, more confident transformations related to 5G, cloud-native and fiber optic networks.

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