Liquid C2 launches third African Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Zambia

Liquid C2 launches third African Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Zambia

Liquid C2, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, opened the doors of its Zambian Cyber Security Fusion Centre, CSFC in Lusaka, making this the third centre of its kind in Africa.

In Zambia’s case, government research shows that 2021 saw over 10 million cyberattacks on citizens and businesses, including mobile money reversal frauds, social media account hijacking, and fake product promotions and investment schemes. Zambia’s Minister of Technology and Science, Hon Felix Mutati, announced last year that an increase in cybercrime is among the country’s biggest threats.

Launching Liquid C2’s third Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Zambia is critical in safeguarding the country’s digital economy. Adding the Cyber Security Fusion Centre to the country’s cyber security infrastructure will strengthen the ability to protect vital small businesses from increasing cybercrime threats, as it focuses on bolstering the growth of the small businesses sector.

Mark Townsend, CEO Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Zambia

This centre will prove invaluable in Liquid C2’s efforts to ensure Zambian customers have access to real-time intelligence-driven alerts and advisory services, enabling them to mitigate potential threats timeously. Most importantly, customers can focus on their critical business needs, while Liquid manages their customers’ cyber security requirements 24x7x365 with the most cost-efficient and effective approach.

The Zambian CSFC is the third in the matrix of security centres to be launched by Liquid C2 in Africa. The centres are designed to allow the organisation an increasing oversight and understanding of the cyber threats its customers face in real-time. Liquid C2 relies on the data gathered from all the CFSCs and manages every element of cyber protection using this intelligence to build a mesh to identify, mitigate and protect businesses across the continent

The new CSFC is also a beacon that raises awareness about the vital need for cyber security for all businesses. The Centre also stands as a key pillar in Zambia’s economic growth plans as it continues its digital transformation journey. Therefore, there is a real need for enterprises, governments, and citizens to be aware of the dangers of operating in the online space and arm themselves with the ability to mitigate cyber threats.

Liquid C2 is committed to playing a role in strengthening cyber security offerings in Zambia, and with the launch of this CSFC, the organisation is better placed to assist customers in real-time and enable them to be initiative-taking rather than reactive in today’s complex cyber security landscape.

“Our Cyber Security Fusion Centre will provide businesses with timeous responses to mitigate these attacks successfully, ensuring that their business is prepared to face current and even future threats,” said David Behr, CEO of Liquid C2.

“The Centre will offer comprehensive cyber security services, including threat intelligence, detection, and incident response, customised to meet the requirements of businesses in Zambia,” said Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Zambia.

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