Mauritius implements Everbridge public warning solution protecting 3 million population

Mauritius implements Everbridge public warning solution protecting 3 million population

Everbridge, a global vendor in critical event management, and national public warning solutions, announced that Republic of Mauritius completed implementation of its population alerting solution to help keep residents and visitors safe and informed in the event of an emergency. Home to 1.3 million residents and a popular destination for over 1.4 million annual tourists, Mauritius was recently named one of the Most Innovative Countries in the World.

To help ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike, Mauritius’ National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre, selected Everbridge to power the early warning system for the country’s four islands – the main island of Mauritius and the smaller islands of Rodrigues, Agaléga, and St Brandon.

Everbridge has been deployed across all government and law enforcement agencies, including the National Police, Military, Fire and Rescue Services, National Coast Guard, and Meteorological Services to immediately inform the public in the event of an emergency.

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius remains prone to severe weather hazards such as cyclones, tsunamis, storm surges, landslides, and coastal flooding, as well as oil spills, HAZMAT incidents, and sugarcane fires. As witnessed in recent torrential rains, the new alert system sent critical, location-based messages via e-mail, SMS, and voice calls to mobile and landline phones before, during, and after the emergency, and was integrated with the Filtered Alert Hub, radio, and social media through the Common Alerting Protocol, CAP.

Mauritius’ emergency alerting system expands on Everbridge’s position as the global leader in nationwide public warning. More governments across the globe deploy the Everbridge population alerting solutions than any other provider, offering the ability to reach over two billion residents and visitors in countries and territories including Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Greece, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, and multiple countries across the Middle East, as well as entire states within India and the United States.

Everbridge, empowers enterprises and government organisations to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and recover stronger from critical events.

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