Victoria Falls Carbon Registry created in Zimbabwe in partnership with Carbon Trade Exchange

Victoria Falls Carbon Registry created in Zimbabwe in partnership with Carbon Trade Exchange

Agreements have been signed to initiate and install a regional, pan African carbon registry owned and operated in Zimbabwe plus a locally operated, owned, and branded version of the world’s first and global Voluntary Carbon platform, Carbon Trade Exchange, CTX.

The Victoria Falls Carbon Registry, VFCR will support the migration of Zimbabwe and other African nations projects and Carbon Credits back to Africa to be re-issued under their control. African Nations wishing to participate will be offered a National Sub-license and Registry Administration role within the VFCR, to support, lodge, monitor and manage projects and credit issuance in their nation.

This low-cost solution negates the need for separate National Registries. Project types, methodologies and registry fees will be at the discretion of the VFCR, and they expect support from existing carbon credit standards internationally. The Registry will be operational in August 2023 and will start accepting projects, new or migrating as soon as staff are trained to do so. Global Environmental Markets Group, will deliver the technology with training in August.

The Victoria Falls Carbon Exchange, VFCX will have immediate access via CTX to hundreds of projects worldwide for buyers globally, millions of credits listed across worldwide for T+0 clearance and settlement. Plus new credits issued by VFCR Registry listed on the VFCX, CTX globally instantly at the price the seller determines from that new registry.

VFCX registry account holders can list via VFCX at no costs to list. A 5% fee on sale of credits, no transfer or Retirement fees.

The AVCCM event attracted a large global audience across the carbon market, plus Government, banking, and project developers, supporting Zimbabwean Government’s decision to bring the carbon credits home under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement.

“This is the future Africa said it wanted from the Paris agreement in 2015,” according to Wayne Sharpe, CEO and Founder, Global Environmental Markets Group. This follows on from COP27 where GEM and CTX did multiple presentations to various African nations.

After speaking at the event, Wayne added, “We saw the passion and commitments to Carbon Credits in Zimbabwe and Africa. This is why we built this technology, to deliver financial and ecological benefits to nations on the ground!”

Kwanele Hlabangana, Chairperson and Co-Founder of AVCCM said, “Partnering with experienced world class Carbon Market technology vendors like GEM and CTX is exciting. Responses from projects, communities and governments is outstanding. It is a great opportunity to accelerate Africa into the Global Climate to save our planet.” Ground up approach plus community engagement combined with GEM’s proven world class Registry and Exchange technology ticks the boxes for a trusted, credible, transparent, and vibrant African marketplace.

CTX and GEM CEO Wayne Sharpe with Victoria Falls Carbon Registry CEO Benjamin Chimutengo
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