Check Point Software and IDC survey changing role of the CISO

Check Point Software and IDC survey changing role of the CISO

Check Point Software in collaboration with IDC, launched a joint survey titled, The Changing Role of the CISO. The study, encompassing 847 global cybersecurity decision makers, reveals a strategic shift with security decision-makers moving from a stance of fear to a growth mindset, aligning cybersecurity strategies with business goals.

This comprehensive analysis not only highlights concerns over economic slowdown and budget constraints, but also showcases how CISOs are becoming increasingly business aware, indicating a significant evolution from traditional roles to strategic business enablers.

“The survey illuminates the evolving landscape where economic concerns, digital transformation, and the need for greater security efficacy converge. It reaffirms Check Point’s commitment to supporting CISOs through advanced cybersecurity solutions that enable business growth and resilience,” says Kristin Owens, VP Corporate Marketing at Check Point Software Technologies.

Frank Dickson, Programme Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, IDC, comments on the study findings: “The survey clearly demonstrates the dynamic and evolving role of CISOs in today’s digital-first organisations.”

Amidst economic pressures and rapid technological changes, CISOs are not just security providers but crucial drivers of business innovation and growth. The results underscore the importance of strategic collaboration between CISOs and CIOs, highlighting the need for a unified approach to cybersecurity that aligns with broader business objectives.

Check Point’s commitment to pioneering cybersecurity solutions supports this evolution, enabling organisations to navigate these challenges successfully.

With the looming economic slowdown, CISOs are under pressure to deliver effective cybersecurity without compromising on business growth initiatives. Organisations are looking to modernise IT infrastructures as a foundation for digital transformation, pointing to a need for security strategies that support rather than hinder progress.

The survey underscores a transformation in the role of CISOs, who are now more business-aware than ever. This shift is characterised by a move from traditional fear-based security postures to growth-oriented strategies that align with overall business goals. This evolution is supported by Check Point’s emphasis on simplifying and consolidating security solutions to address cost and management inefficiencies effectively.

Highlighting the complex dynamics between CIOs and CISOs, the survey indicates both alignment and divergence in priorities. While 94% of CIOs express satisfaction with CISO functions, there is an evident need for better collaboration to align IT and security priorities, particularly around business resilience and digital initiatives.

A significant focus on modernising IT to meet new security challenges is evident, with 65% of organisations planning to allocate 1-9% of their IT, security budgets to generative AI in the next 18 months. This investment reflects the critical role of CISOs in steering IT modernisation to achieve better business outcomes and highlights the importance of environmental sustainability in these efforts.

Despite economic concerns, the survey reveals that organisations remain in growth mode, focusing on significant and fast growth through digital initiatives. This indicates a pivotal shift for security teams from a fear-based approach to adopting a growth mindset that enables digital initiatives and business expansion.

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