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Four macro trends that will shape Digital Transformation in 2023

Understanding the possibilities of the year ahead can be difficult and organisations scramble to decipher the trends that will catapult their Digital Transformation in the next 12 months. In this article, Mark Ackerman, Area VP for Middle East and Africa at ServiceNow, offers four major macro trends that organisations should consider for their digital investments. […]

Data centres are the power behind our everyday necessities

Thiani Ramaya, Business Practice Lead for Microsoft at Westcon-Comstor, discusses how Microsoft data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town provide 24/7 support for critical services in South Africa. With the help of data centres, we can take advantage of many conveniences in our everyday lives. They are the physical infrastructure behind cloud computing. In South Africa, […]

Deep Dive: Reinette Grobler, Channel Manager at Ruckus SSA

How Digital Twins can galvanize the Middle East’s industrial sector

Digital Twins have long been an essential component in the design and management of Smart City projects across the Middle East – from NEOM in Saudi Arabia to a digital-twin of Dubai as one of the emirates in the metaverse for the UAE and Qatar’s sprawling Hamad International Airport. We speak with Sumanta Roy, TCS Vice […]

Building technology relationships for the long term

TCS’s emphasis on long-term relationships has facilitated it to build a significant legacy and play a crucial role in shaping South Africa’s future as a valued partner and driver of change. Businesses are always looking to expand their client base and to grow their income streams. But to make a lasting impact in a market, […]

Mission control: The evolution of the CIO role

The transformation of the CIO role is undeniable as we continue to witness a shift in the responsibilities that have been thrust upon them, especially since the pandemic. Arthur Hu, SVP and Global CIO at Lenovo, discusses the changing role of the CIO as it evolves into an ever more complex one, and why partnering […]

Fighting South Africa’s tech skills gap with solutions that deliver value

Alison Palmer, Head of HR at Dariel Software, suggests three considerations to enhance the environment for graduates to develop their work experience in IT. The global IT skills shortage is real and not going away. According to a May 2022 McKinsey report, an overwhelming majority of companies worldwide (87%) are aware that they either already have a skills gap […]

Virtual Agents-as-a-Service: why it may be the ideal model for your business

Ryan Falkenberg, Co-CEO, CLEVVA, explains some of the issues found with most chatbot software and examines some of the advantages offered by a Solution-as-a-Service model.   A growing number of companies in South Africa and around the globe are looking to offer their customers significantly improved self-service. Many have tried and failed to build a chatbot capable of doing anything more than responding to […]

Erudit AI: The phenomenon of quiet quitting and how companies can build a healthier employee culture

In the age of remote working, quiet quitting is a phenomenon that companies all around the world must grapple with. Alejandro Martinez, CEO and Co-founder at Erudit tells Intelligent CIO’s Mrigaya Dham about how having the correct employee feedback tools in place can empower organisations to retain and motivate their top talent, and stay ahead […]

Deep Dive: Mohamed Ibrahim, Business Development Director for OT cybersecurity at Trend Micro MEA, Technical Partner of TXOne Networks

Deep Dive: Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer,

Is your employee communication strategy keeping up with global trends? 

Effective communication drives a productive and loyal workforce and lies at the heart of any business; creating trust amongst employees. Caroline van der Merwe, COO of SmartWage – an innovative HR and communications technology company – tells us more about how communication is key with a workforce and achieving this in the South African context […]

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