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How cloud is bringing application and process users together

The cloud has evolved and no longer defined by an air of silence between those who implement cloud systems and their customers, who are mostly business users. Today, as offerings evolve into more bespoke solutions, cloud vendors must deal directly with operations and business leaders. This is according to Kevin Hall, National Sales Manager at […]

Opinion: DDoS in the cloud – who’s watching your back?

Cloud computing is seeing a steady and undeniable growth in adoption across all types of industries. Growing just as progressively, however, is the extent to which it puts many corporate networks directly in cyber attackers’ line of fire – most specifically when it comes to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The challenge with moving […]

Mobile-first solutions driven by the growth of the Internet of Things

Mobile-first solutions are starting to dominate the enterprise sector. Cassie Lessing, CEO of Strato IT Group, says more businesses are realising that a mobile-first business is better set for long-term success. Globally, enterprise mobility strategies, which focus on mobile device use for business purposes, are already a to priority as most seek to better engage […]

Prioritise keeping your bitcoin safe, secure and available

South African cryptocurrency exchanges are on the increase promising favourable rates and other value-added services to those looking to venture into these digital assets. Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Africa at Veeam, says we need to carefully consider the impact that cryptocurrencies will have on availability strategies. When I was a child, the prospect of […]

BIM compliant solutions essential for dormakaba South Africa

Dormakaba South Africa, an internationally recognised provider of smart and secure access solutions, says its product data is readily available to be imported and is compliant with the building information modelling (BIM) process in the construction section. This enables professionals to plan, build and maintain buildings with greater efficiency using a secure, and customisable product […]

GSMA Global Mobile Award for Eseye connected IoT solution

Eseye has announced that eWATERpay’s IoT deployment has won the Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in this year’s Global Mobile Awards (GLOMOs). Presented at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona by hosts Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley, the GLOMOs showcase companies and individuals that are driving innovation in the rapidly […]

ALTEN Africa Completes Financing of Solar PV Plant in Namibia

ALTEN Africa has completed the financing of what will be one of the biggest photovoltaic solar power plants in Namibia and Sub Sahara Africa. Located in the area around Mariental, the installed capacity will be 45.5 MWp for an output of 37 MWac, an investment forecast of US$70 million and a useful life of over 25 years. […]

Businesses need to be more proactive to prevent cyberattacks

What happens when corporate IT infrastructure is compromised by a cyberattack? In an age where the cyber security landscape is evolving with sophisticated malware and almost every employee is connected to the organisation’s server and the Internet, Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager at Kaspersky Lab, says that reputation damage is a real risk. As the growth […]

The importance of availability for universities in 2018

The cost and importance of higher education mean this sector is always open to scrutiny. Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Africa at Veeam, says application and data availability are crucial to both the smooth running of a university and ensuring it the headlines for the right reasons. The unfortunate upshot is that technology and availability […]

Netshield South Africa provides end-to-end Internet of Things solution

Netshield South Africa has unveiled its end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution, assisting customers with the development and deployment of successful IoT implementations from sensors through to the gateways, dashboards and analytics. As a local OEM of IoT intelligent gateways and sensors, Netshield has identified a need by customers to deploy effective IoT environments that […]

Seven proven resilience best practices against ransomware

After becoming one of the main cybersecurity threats in 2016 and causing global chaos in May 2017, ransomware is currently keeping everyone in a state of constant security alert. Gregg Petersen, Regional Vice President, Middle East & Africa at Veeam Software, says there are seven proven best practices that financial institutions should adopt. Body Financial […]

Equinix launches new Cloud Security Service to manage encryption keys

Global interconnection and data centre company Equinix has launched a new cloud security service to manage encryption keys. Equinix Smartkey simplifies data protection across any cloud or destination, with the service leveraging its globally interconnected platform of more than 190 International Business Exchange data centres on 48 markets. SmartKey is the industry’s first globally available […]

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