Samsung and Iberia unite to reward customer loyalty in Spain

Samsung and Iberia unite to reward customer loyalty in Spain

Coinciding with the arrival of the new Galaxy Note8 in Spain, Samsung and Iberia have signed a collaboration agreement to develop the campaign “Welcome on board Galaxy Note8”. It is an unprecedented initiative that, through different activities, is intended to thank the users of both brands for their loyalty and trust.

Their campaign was held between October 2nd and 6th on-board the flights of Iberian Air Bridge – a service that the airline has just renewed – incorporating new advantages for customers. All the passengers of the Air Bridge that were travelling that week were invited by Samsung to have a coffee/tea and a snack to celebrate on-board the launch of Galaxy Note8.

Last year, Samsung were forced to withdraw one of their most anticipated phones from the market- the Galaxy Note7 model. Taking into account that safety is a top priority, different airlines such as Iberia were forced to terminate the use of these devices on their flights. From that moment, Samsung carried out a constant exercise of transparency and thinking of their customers, they launched an investigation that helped to clarify what had happened. In fact, thanks to the conclusions of these investigations carried out both internally and with the help of institutions specialising in quality control, Samsung established a new internal process of quality and safety to improve its products that, in addition, were made available to the industry to avoid a repeat of this situation.

“Just a year ago, we lived through difficult times, but the company’s rapid and transparent performance, the strength of all our employees and of course, the support of users and partners have managed to strengthen our position in the market,” said Celestino García Corporate Vice President of Samsung Spain.

The new Galaxy Note8 that Samsung has recently launched, “has passed all the quality and safety controls mentioned and incorporates the latest technological innovations of the brand,” continues Celestino García. It’s pre-sale tripled the figures registered with the previous model, providing a good understanding of the confidence that the Spanish users maintain in the market. “It was precisely the wish to return that loyalty that has generated the development of this campaign and the agreement with a reference air service company like Iberia”.

“We understand that the makers of this recovery have been, to a large extent, our customers and partners. Their trust and support have kept us with the strength and commitment that drives companies to overcome each day. We have designed this collaboration with Iberia to reward the confidence of our consumers and show our appreciation. We hope that all those who are a part of it enjoy as they deserve,” concluded the Corporate Vice President of Samsung Spain.

“When Samsung proposed this collaboration, we immediately understood that we should be a part of this innovative initiative. In addition, it will be an extra value for all Iberia customers who opt for the new Air Bridge we just released incorporating more flights, up to 26 per day, and other advantages such as the possibility of doing all the steps through the mobile” commented Marco Sansavini, Commercial Director of Iberia.

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