Krakow with new data centre from T-Mobile

Krakow with new data centre from T-Mobile

T-Mobile Polska commits to the commercial use of 400 m2 collocation area in the data centre in Krakow. The new facility was created in response to growing demand in the Małopolska region for data processing services in the cloud. The data centre opened in Krakow adds up to 8,000 m2 of collateral space offered by T Mobile to customers.

T-Mobile Polska’s data centre in Kraków was built in 2005 for the operator’s own needs. Due to the growing demand for data processing services in the cloud this year, the facility has been upgraded and commercially available to businesses. The work included both the standardisation of the office part and the technical preparation of the server space.

The data centre in Krakow offers 400 m2 of collocation space in a separate building, which provides easy and fast access both from the centre of Krakow and the surrounding area. The building has independent power lines together with the generator and is connected by redundant fibre optic lines to networks of regional and national operators. Data security and T-Mobile customers in Krakow provide extensive fire, power and air-conditioning systems, including 24-hour physical security and video surveillance. With advanced T-Mobile solutions, 99.99 percent service is guaranteed.

T-Mobile Polska has six data centres in Poland, four of which are located in Warsaw and one in Krakow and one in Wroclaw. In total, the T-Mobile commercial space is currently 8,000 square metres, and all operator facilities meet global technical standards, offer advanced security procedures, have backup power lines and generators, are also networked with fibre optic lines that meet the highest bandwidth standards. In two of T-Mobile data centres, it also provides a backup office service with 273 fully-equipped workstations.

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