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Hitachi Medical Systems Europe introduces new CVD ultrasound system

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe introduces new CVD ultrasound system

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Premium cardiac and vascular imaging rises to a new standard as Hitachi Medical Systems Europe introduces its new premium 2D/4D cardiovascular ultrasound system, the LISENDO 880, featuring HDAnalyticsTM, a unique and accurate cardiovascular analysis package for confident cardiac hemodynamic assessments, at EuroEcho Imaging 2017 inĀ Lisbon, Portugal.

Since their inception, today’s ultrasound systems have progressed to become essential medical devices for all levels of cardiovascular care. The LISENDO 880 is Hitachi’s new premium 2D/4D diagnostic ultrasound solution for cardiologists that redefines the vision of cardiac ultrasound by providing exceptional clinical performance coupled with state-of-the-art features and analytics.

Hitachi released the world’s first diagnostic ultrasound system in 1960 and the world’s first Colour Doppler ultrasound system in 1983. Continuing this history of innovation, Hitachi introduced Vector Flow Mapping (VFM) analysis using ultrasound in 2013. Hitachi stands out as a company dedicated to providing unique solutions to echocardiography’s clinical challenges. The LISENDO 880 maintains Hitachi’s tradition of providing exceptionally innovative ultrasound for cardiovascular care.

The LISENDO 880 was developed to address the most important needs for cardiovascular imaging:

Pure Image Technology

The advanced architecture of the LISENDO 880 offers state-of-the-art transducer technology for 2D/4D imaging, a high performance OLED display, premium image optimization parameters such as eFocusing and Pure Symphonic Architecture to capture the subtlest of changes and produce the highest-quality ‘sound’.

Seamless Workflow

The LISENDO 880 was designed to provide maximum scanning comfort, along with state-of-the-art technology to help you complete your exams more easily. LISENDO’s flexible positioning which includes a four-point articulating monitor arm and adjustable panel height, supports comfortable operation while the operation panel allows ergonomic function adjustment as a part of our intuitive user interface. LISENDO 880 delivers seamless workflow users expect in a premium ultrasound system.

Additionally, LISENDO 880 is equipped with a sophisticated automatic anatomy recognition and cardiac function measurement package based on our HDSI (HemoDynamic Structural Intelligence). Smart cardiac measurements, using learning data structured by Hitachi’s Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology significantly improve the examination efficiency and create new value with Hitachi’s unique solutions.

Your Application

The LISENDO 880 is Hitachi’s most advanced ultrasound system offering premium 2D/4D cardiovascular applications and innovative cardiac imaging features, namely the unique HDAnalytics™ (HemoDynamic Analytics) package which includes LVeFlow, iDGD (Dual Gate Doppler) with R-R Navigation, VFM (Vector Flow Mapping) and eTRACKING with Wave Intensity. In addition, LISENDO 880 offers the Eyeball EF and i2DTT quantification tools.

With these features, LISENDO 880 moves cardiac evaluations to a new level and maintains Hitachi’s tradition of providing exceptionally innovative ultrasound for cardiovascular care.

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